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Hi I’m Addison I’m 17 and very close to getting into finals and the youngest in my family but anyways enough about me By the way if you seen every episode of every season of my street then you’ll fly through this quiz

This quizz is called the Ultimate MyStreet quiz if you’re not familiar with MyStreet Then you might not be familiar with Aphmau If so go check out her channel I am what you would call a huge fan btw all the Questions are about my street/phoenix drop high

Created by: Wintersnow789

  1. Did Aphmau not have a dad/Father figure in high school
  2. Did Have a Not alone buddy in high school
  3. If so what was their name
  4. Who was Kawaii Chan ship
  5. (Going to MyStreet season one) Who moved across from Aphmau, Katelyn, and Kawaii Chan
  6. Who wanted to kiss Aphmau under the mistletoe
  7. Who tried to steal Christmas
  8. Who did Aphmau kiss on the cheek under the mistletoe
  9. (Moving to season 2) Where did Aphmau and the gang go for Vacation
  10. Who Surprised Aphmau and Aaron at love-love Paradise
  11. Who did they leave at home
  12. Did Aaron ask Aphmau to move in with him
  13. If so what did she say
  14. (Moving to season 3) Did Zane turn into a baby
  15. Does Aphmau love babies
  16. Did Aphmau Open a maid café
  17. Did Aphmau And Aaron take some time off from each other
  18. (Moving to season 4) Did Aaron go to Abandoned Lodge
  19. Who went with Aaron
  20. Did someone get possessed by a ghost
  21. If so who was it
  22. Did Aphmau “ Kill Aaron”
  23. What happened after Aaron was saved by Irene
  24. What did Aaron say befor Aphmau snapped out of the forever Potion
  25. (Moving to Aphmau’s year) How long did she stay with her mother
  26. How long does Aphmau have to wait to see Aaron
  27. What type of magic does Aphmau learn
  28. Where does Aphmau go to see Aaron
  29. (Moving to season 5) who does Aphmau mistakes to be Aaron
  30. Where does Aphmau Finally see aaron
  31. Does Aaron turn Aphmau into a werewolf
  32. Did Aaron Propose to Aphmau
  33. What happens when Aaron sees Ein at starlight
  34. What happens after Garroth looks into Aaron’s eyes
  35. (Moving to season 6) who are looking for the gang
  36. Why is the gang hiding
  37. How did Aphmau “die”
  38. What happened to Derek
  39. What happened when Aaron was out of the void
  40. What happened to Zane,Lucinda, and Aaron
  41. What happened to Aaron
  42. What does Travis say to Aphmau while holding her hand

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