A Female Uchiha with a knucklehead ninja pt1

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Hello, so I havent posted in a while I was just recapping the episode (more like every season incuding boruto) and I had caught on a deadly disease....The writers block.

So its the last week of school! (If your in queensland if not sucked in or whatever) Yeah so anyway -__- I dont know what to right so I'm dead panning -___- yay

Created by: laylahmckenzie12

  1. You are now 12 years old sitting next to your brother with your polker face on trying to ignore the fanboys. Yes fan-boys. Sasuke got brutal fangirls but fan boys are worse. Every single boy in the class has a crush on you. Well except for the blonde boy. Everyone calls him a demon. Sure he was annoying but he didnt deserve to be called a demon or monster. And we that thought Iruka came in with the blonde tied by rope and on the older mans back pouting.
  2. "I'm at the ends of my rope with you Naruto!" You zoned out feeling thousands of eyes on you. You shuddered. "Because of Naruto you will revise the transformation jutsu." The hole class groaned except for you, Sasuke and that girl Hinata who you found to shy for your own good. You went in a line. "We all ways pay for your screw ups Naruto" Ino whispered. "I dont care" Naruto simply stated. You looked at him through your purrifural vision. He turned around and made eye contact. With you. "Hitomi Uchiha." You didnt mutter a word and transformed into a guy you saw in a dream. The man was pale white with black hair and yellow snake eyes. He resembled a human snake. You felt everyone shivered as Iruka paled you turned back and walked to the end of the line. Iruka's eyes not leaving you.
  3. -Time skip brought to you by me not giving a damn- It was the next day, the exams. You walked into the room and Naruto was practically shaking. Yo walked up to him. He looked up giving a questionable look. "Good luck.....dobe" You said and walked around not seeing him blush and getting death glares from every boy in the class including your brother.
  4. You ofcourse passed and walked out. Naruto was sitting on a swing. Your brother wasnt out yet so you went to him. He didnt have a band. You said and untied yours from your head. "Here.....I guess you can wear mine for the time being....." You said holding it out. He looked at you. "I-its ok....I want to get my own so I wont be looked down on." You smirked and tied it back. "See ya round....dobe" "TEME!" You turned around. He looked scared you genuinely smiled and walked home.
  5. The next day-You walked to the academy. You left Sasuke at home.....he needs to learn the responsibility of being the older twin. You sat down and everyone flooded in the classroom. Sasuke came in and glared at you. "Whats wrong onii-san?" You smirked. He sent daggers but you didnt back down. Sasuke sat down. "Nicely played..." Sasuke commented. Naruto walked in you quirked an eyebrow. "I passed Hitomi-chan!" He ran up to you. You sat back scared. Yes you maybe an Uchiha but you scare easily. "G-good j-job dobe." You squeaked. "KAWAII!" All the boys practically screamed. "Get away from her..." Sasuke growled. Naruto turned his attention to Sasuke.
  6. Naruto jumped on the desk infront of Sasuke. 'This is not going to end well.' You thought while sweat dropping. They glared daggers at eachother. Then "whoops sorry abou-" They were lip locked.
  7. They pushed off eachother- { Sasuke P.O.V.} Naruto and I pushed off eachother I was coughing and heard a thud on the floor thinking it was Naruto. But then I remembered Hitomi was next to me. I slowly turned around. Naruto was on top of imotou and they were lip locked. I felt my eyes widen.
  8. {Back to your P.O.V} I opened my eyes.....AHHHH! Naruto jumped off of you. "I-i'm so-sorry" Naruto stuttered turning red you felt yourself turn red too. "NARUTO!!" The whole class screamed.
  9. laylahmckenzie12: Hello fellow readers I am sorry for disruption but I needed to show what you looked like. So it is the picture above. If you want a better look go to: [no urls]?view=detailV2&id=C16BD54B7FD5AC7B62BE7816AE1C9F6EE5119ADA&thid=OIP.YFNUto0zj0awrOTPRnUM_QHaEL&mediaurl=http%3A%2F%2Forig02.deviantart.net%2F1873%2Ff%2F2013%2F239%2Fb%2F7%2Fsasuka_miko_uchiha_by_sasukamikouchiha-d6jx6zb.jpg&exph=542&expw=960&q=miko+uchiha&selectedindex=0&ajaxhist=0&vt=0&eim=1,2,6&ccid=YFNUto0z&simid=608000559897971774. Sorry for disruption lets get on to the story. PS: I know its Miko Uchiha but I'm going with the saying like mother like daughter. K THNX BYE
  10. Naruto...well lets say.....he may need to see a doctor after this lesson. Iruka walked in. You sat next to Sasuke and Naruto on your right. You zoned out touching your lips. "Team 7, Naruto Uzumaki.....Sasuke Uchiha-" They both glared daggers at each other. "And Hitomi Uchiha" Sasuke smirked. You and Naruto looked at eachother and then looked down turning pink. 'This is going to be eventful' you thought.

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