What Ninja Are You?

Hello and welcome to my Ninja quiz. Here we will take some of yours answers that you wrote and calculate them to see where you would fit in the world of naruto ninjas. In the quiz you start off training will iruka, and later go off to bigger and better. take this 30 Q Quiz to see if you entered the town of konoha, what would they think of you?

Lets just say I H O P E YOU W I L L ENJOY MY Q U I Z ( )_( ) ( . . ) ( )_( ) Pleeaassse <3

Created by: Temari

  1. Hello. Welcome to this Quiz. We are going to ask and see what would you do in a place of a naruto ninja.Well first question. Who is your fav MALE Naruto chara.
  2. Next Question. Who is you favorite FEMALE Naruto chara.
  3. What Team no. Are you?
  4. Who do you want in your group?
  5. Okay enough with those questions, Now that you are in the academey Iruka asks you, What would you do if your team-mate is injured
  6. Good! Now your Still in the academey now Iruka tells you to go to the front of the room and show him your jutsu. You..
  7. one year past and iruka is ready to let you go but first you need to take an exam. you take a test. Then He asks you to copy someone. U copy..
  8. Good job you got a head band. Wait what village is on your headband?
  9. Your ready to take on D's and C's missions. Lady Tsuande gives you a easy D rank to paint a fence. You think..
  10. Naruto treats you to some ramen later and shikamaru walks you home. Then you rest. The next day Rock lee asks you to go on a date but u have a mission.. u...
  11. You fall inlove with shikamaru, Wait who else is in love with shikamaru?
  12. Well since shikamaru likes someone else, you decied to put your love aside {GOOD WORK} and find out dose he love troublesome temari or annoying ino? you..
  13. You found out shikatema are togetther. Yay! Yay? What do you think
  14. Well that love stuff is done we now are assigned a C ranked mission to escort a sand villager. it ends up being temari. You talk to her about
  15. Shikamaru came along too. Uhh isnt this about the ninja way u wonder. Ehh oh well. OH NO Temari is kindnapped You
  16. You caught the kindnapper and u shikamaru temari and your sensei attack the bad person. All together yours powers are..
  17. YAY YOU DEFEATED HIM. Finally temari makes it back to the sand village. You found out she needed to be escorted becuase she is...
  18. Soo we found out temari is pregent and shikamaru is staying in the village for a few months. BYE SHIKA. When you get back u relax by...
  19. Soon you keep doing C ranked missions and become stronger. You then get new team-mates. They are Naruto and Sakura. You feel
  20. 9 more questions till the end! You sakura naruto and a new abu sensei head out for a B ranked mission. You See Elder Chyio... You feel..
  21. You end up having to defeat sasori wich turns into a A Ranked mission. Your put with sakura and elder Chyio. Posion smoke comes toward u and sakura and elder chyio only has time to take out sakura.... u..
  22. Sakura makes it out. you fall to the ground and purple smoke surrounds u. What do you do?
  23. Later Elder chyio is hit will posion and sakura is stabbed u..
  24. Sakura and you team up and defeat sasori. WOOHOO! Naruto and the sensi accomplish there mission too! Then you have bad cuts you should..
  25. in the morning you have the day off you?
  26. three more questions to go. So you go on a little c rank mission as a chunin and you baby-sit 3 academey kids that are hungry, u?
  27. That kid mission is done. Now we are calculating how you did. Do you think you did good? Be honest.
  28. Last question. YOU MADE IT THROUGH THIS QUIZ SOOO NOW WE HAVE ONE MORE QUESTION FOR U! What do you think you would rank ur self now after all this?

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Quiz topic: What Ninja am I?