A female uchiha and a hyperactive knucklehead ninja prologue

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IMPORTANT: Hey guys if you have taken the quiz before than you know I'm doing characters one at a time I just found it real hard to do it at the same time.

Also I am not an octopus and I dont have a gazillion laptops even though I want to do shadow clone jutsu you guys will need to wait because its the end of the term and assessment, assessment, Assessment!

Created by: laylahmckenzie12
  1. Mikoto Uchiha was a strong and admirable person, and she looks on the bright side when she's in pain. "It's ok Mrs Uchiha Your first baby is a handsome boy, two more pushes and his sister will come." Mikoto kept on pushing and then, "Well done Mikoto." There was crying but Mikoto couldnt care less. She had two beautiful twins.
  2. "MOVE IT!" Mikoto stopped being enchanted by the two twins when her best friend Kushina Uzumaki, her friend Minato Namikaze and her beloved husban Fugaku came running in. He went to his wife. "What will be their names?"
  3. "What about Sasuke and....Hitomi Uchiha?" The man smiled, "Perfect." He whispered holding Sasuke while She held her only daughter. "Mommy!" A little boy that similiarise both of the Uchiha's ran in. "Itachi, meet Sasuke and Hitomi smiling in awe at his two younger siblings.
  4. As the twins grew up Sasuke had black hair and onyx eyes while Hitomi had blue like hair and blue eyes. They were inseperable.
  5. Sasuke had a closed personality while his sister was happy. But that all changed thanks to one night.
  6. You and Sasuke walked back from the academy well more like he gave you a piggy back. Everything was quiet but you both didnt realise. You didnt realise until you were on the floor face to face with a corpse. You wriggled back into Sasuke.
  7. There was red eyes. The sharigan. "O-onii san?" You asked as he came out of the shadows. "W-what happened?" Sasuke asked. "I killed them!" Itachi said you started to cry.
  8. Welp we all know what happens so I'm going to skip..
  9. Hitomi's personality turned into Sasuke's as she had a thirst of blood for her older brother. She never felt emotions again unless infront of her twin. But that changed one day.
  10. You were walking with sasuke in the streets of Kohona until. "LOOK OUT!" You looked up and an orange blob collided with you. You went to the ground with the blob. "Sorry!" He said really loudly. "I-its ok..." You said looking up. Blush came to your face when you looked at his features. Tan, blonde and the most amazing blue eyes you've ever seen. "Got to go bye!" He said and took off. Sasuke was glaring at him. That was one of the frist people who ever made you smile after the massacre

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