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IMPORTANT: Hey so I'm doing alot of Naruto based quizzes....yeah -_-. Any way this will be a prologue so you get to know the character and the backbone of the Story.

As always the picture in the front is you or the OC and ofcourse this time will change witht the ages instead of using that brilliant imagination of yours.

Created by: laylahmckenzie12

  1. What if I told you....the Kurama clan wasnt dead......well it is now.....but what if I told you there was a survivor....and this survivor was a three year old girl with long black hair and purple eyes. What if I told you she just crossed the border to the fire country to seek refuge in a village known as the village hidden in the leaf.....what if I told you.....I was at the front gate of Konohagakure about to pass out from that long walk of that little girl. What if I told you I was that girl.....
  2. "You girl state your buisness!" One of the men at the gate stated. My voice was hoarse from the crying and screaming..... "I-I need to see the H-ho-hokage" I fell into darkness.
  3. 'RUN CHILD' Blood....everywhere.....the thick red liquid mixed in with the snow....I was running from the Kara organization who has tried to seek me for my......skills. "MUMMY!" I screamed jumping up. I was embraced with a hug as I sobbed over the fact that my mother was dead. "Shhh...your ok now....your safe." You looked upto see a women with pink hair. "p-pretty" I whispered she giggled. Just then a man walked in.
  4. The man had grey hair which was spquished down by a hat. He had a lazy aura but he was somewhat of great importance. I shrinked back a tiny bit nervous but he just chuckled. "I'm Kakashi hokage of this village, whats your name?" (ok there is no video of before naruto was hokage in the boruto series so bare with me!) "I-I'm S-s-suzume K-kurama and I need r-refuge f-from b-bad men th-that t-terminated m-my c-clan and m-m-mummy" I whispered tear threatening to come out. The women hugged you. The tears came but you did not sob.
  5. Kakashi looked at you wit pity in his eyes. "You are welcome here we just need someone to look after you...." He said eyeing the female next to you. "I'm sure Sarada and Sasuke wouldnt mind." The lady smiled looking at you. "R-really?" she nodded. You glomped her. "T-thank you....I didnt get your name..." you sweat dropped at your last remark. "Sakura" the lady stated simply patting your head. "You'll be able to come tomorrow we just need to run some last minute tests." She said as you let her go smiling.
  6. The two adults went out of the room to talk. 'You know kid this village will be destroyed whether you llike it or not' it was the voice. The voice every Kurama gets just yours is a little different. This personality was known as Daten-shi the fallen angel of snow. No-one knows what she looks like yet but all that you know is that the Kara organization is mainly after her. 'Please not today' you begged as you heard the echoed laughtr in your head. Sakura came in accompanied by two other people.
  7. One was a man Sakuras age. He had black hair and onyx eyes. He had an aura that made you shrink back and threaten to whimper. The other was a girl your age also with black hair ad with red glasses she two had dark eyes. "Suzume this is my husbane Sasuke and our daughter Sarada." The little girl waved and you gave her a closed eye smile. "I-I'm Su-suzume." I stuttered. The little girl walked up to you. "Are you going to be my imouto?" You shrugged. "I-if you will h-have me S-sarada-chan." I stuttered smiling as she giggled.
  8. "Come on Suzume-chan! We're going shopping then going to see Hinata-chan and Boruto!" You stood up from your bed leaving the world of your book. "W-who's H-hinata-chan and B-boruto?" Sakura came up stairs. "There just some friends." "O-ok!" You said jumping up and running to the door.
  9. "Hmmm......Got it!" Sakura said grabbing an outfit from the clothing rack. "Suzume can you try this on?" You nodded and went to the changing rooms. It was a long sleeved black and long legged jumpsuit with red fabric attached to the belt. It was easy to move around. Sakura came in and as soon as she did she fan girled. "IT'S SO CUTE!" The whole of Kohona heard from the shop. You turned red and Sakura picked you up and ran to the paying area. The you left to the house of the mysterious Hinata and Boruto.
  10. Hinata was really nice but Boruto was cute and well lets just say your sort of a tsundere. "Wow your really pretty!" Boruto said as you turned red. "Boruto Uzumaki you are a BAKA!" You said and from this day forward you had the biggest crush on the blonde rebellious child

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