Laura is simply an amazing person. There's just no way around it. She's smart, funny, energetic, creative, princess-material, and, of course, incredibly cute. When she's not in her glasses. She also has red hair, and has a slight accent. And red hair and accents make everything better.

But how well do YOU know the Princess of Prettiness? The Duchess of Drawing? The countess of comics? The Emporess of Energy? The Grand Ruler of the Globe? Well enough to pass this quiz? I challenge you to pass. Good luck- and I hope you studied!

Created by: laura

  1. Laura likes many books. What is she reading for her book report in May?
  2. Laura likes to quote books, as well as read them. Choose the correct quote from.... WUTHERING HEIGHTS
  3. What is Laura's favourite TV show?
  4. Did Laura make it into honours English for 9th grade?
  5. What was the hardest section on that damn Ask test?
  6. At this precise moment in time, Laura is IMing...
  7. Laura's favourite colour in the whole world is...
  8. Laura's pet birds are named.... (Yes, I KNOW one of them's Hannahs, but I borrowed it for purposes of this quiz)
  9. Laura closley follows horoscopes. Her sign is a...
  10. Laura despises the colour...
  11. Laura is normally mad at...

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