The Ultimate Guitar Quiz

There are many many many guitar players, or wannabe guitar players out there. What do you know about guitars? Do you know the names of guitars and names of popular brands of guitars? Do you think you know anything about guitars?

Do you have the knowledge to prove that you are even slightly knowledgeable in the field of guitars? Guitars are a big deal. Take the quiz to see how you fair among the thousands of others like you who think they have what it takes to be a true guitar lover.

Created by: Lino

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  1. What great guitar debuted in 1952?
  2. What great guitar debuted in 1950?
  3. What great guitar debuted in 1960?
  4. What great guitar debuted in 1954?
  5. On a Fender Style Electric guitar what style of pickups will you usually find?
  6. What are 3 main types of wood used to manufacture a Gibson Les Paul?
  7. On a Gibson style guitar what types of pickups would you generally find?
  8. What is the standard tuning for guitars beginning on the first string and going to the sixth?
  9. What are 3 common woods used to build a Fender Guitar?
  10. What is the most common inlay found on guitars today?
  11. What is the configuration of Volume and Ton knobs on most Gibson Guitars?
  12. What scale neck do most fender guitars and fender copies use?
  13. A Gibson Paul has what style neck?
  14. Do you Like Dean Guitars?
  15. What scale neck is on a Les Paul and imitation les Pauls?
  16. What famous guitar manufacturer was established in 1833?
  17. What guitar company makes the White Falcon and Duo Jet?
  18. What Guitar Did John Lennon of the Beatles amke popular?
  19. Can you break a G String While Fingering Am?
  20. What famous Japanese company made cheapo guitars for stores like Montgomery Ward and Sears in the 1960's?
  21. What type of guitar is Eric Clapton most known for using?
  22. Jack White of the White Stripes plays what type of Guitar?
  23. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin is known for using what type of guitar While playing slide?
  24. What kind of guitar did Chuck Berry Use?
  25. OK youre Done For now I don't feel like making anymore questions.

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