The ULTIMATE Does He Like You Quiz!

Do you want to find out, once and for all, if he likes you!?!? If yes, you have come to the right quiz.

This test is meant for middle to high schoolers. If you are older than that, this is probably not a very accurate test for you.

Created by: Shaneirka

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  1. Check For Signs of Nervousness. Does he ever fidget or blush?
  2. Is his upper torso or feet pointed toward you when you are around?
  3. Do his eyes dilate when you make eye contact?
  4. Does he ever lean in towards you when you are talking?
  5. Is there ever an awkward silence after you are done talking?
  6. Does he ever stare at you for no reason?
  7. When he stares at you, and you notice and look back, does he quickly look away?
  8. Is he especially loud when you're around?
  9. Does he ever try to start a conversation out of nowhere?
  10. Does he like to brag about his acheivments and/or possessions?
  11. Does he point out the obvious, just to try and start a conversation?
  12. Does he like to poke you, feel your hair, or touch you in any way?
  13. Does he tell you the same thing over and over again?
  14. Does he tease you playfully?
  15. Does he pay attention when you talk? If he brings up things you said in an earlier conversation, that means he is listening.
  16. Does he say dumb things just to keep the conversation going?
  17. Does he ask you for things he doesn't really need?
  18. Does he play stupid or forgetful when you talk to him?
  19. If you are in a bad mood, does he try to cheer you up?
  20. Does he argue with you for no good reason?
  21. Is he constantly looking for excuses to be near you?
  22. Does he ever eavesdrop on your conversations with others, or even butt in?
  23. Does he make an effort to look good around you? Like, does he fix his hair, shave, wear cologne, ect.?
  24. Does he like to show off his athlecticism?
  25. Does he ever puff out his chest when he is talking to you?
  26. Does he ever tell you about his family?
  27. Last question: Do you think he likes you?

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