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'Who the hell are Alien Stash Tin?' Well they say 'who the hell are you?' In fact they are a UK rock band, been around for a few years and have achieved a small cult following... thats them burning the black candles over there...

But what do you know about them, this quiz will reveal all, but even if you guess the answers don't worry you may have a giggle, learn something about yourself and pick next weeks winning lottery numbers... actually we lied about the last two bits.

Created by: Big Jon of Alien Stash Tin Official
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  1. The bands first gig was at an anti-racism festival in Bristol. Who headlined?
  2. Which member of the band was unable to perform that day due to family commitments?
  3. What was the name of the song Alien Stash Tin recorded in 2002 for the 'Music from the Heart of a Community' album?
  4. The bands first single was?
  5. And what track was on the 'b-side'?
  6. What did original drummer Jim Daker-Whyte do when he left the band?
  7. Where was 'The Farmyard' EP recorded?
  8. Who guested on the EP and later joined the band full time?
  9. At the 2004 'Voodoo Junkie; Blowing Our Cover' festival Stash Tin played the Queen track 'I Want To Break Free' in the style of which cult band?
  10. Which 'session' drummer played with Stash Tin for over a year without formally joining the band?
  11. Who replaced Kieron Tulley as the bands drummer in early 2006?
  12. Who produced the bands self titled debut album?
  13. Why was the recording interrupted for a period of three months, delaying the release?
  14. What was the only single issued from the bands debut album?
  15. In 2008 the band played at what major UK festival?
  16. Which song was inspired by an incident at said festival?
  17. Dave Seward left the band in Sept 2009, where was his final gig?
  18. In 2007 Stash Tin supported which cult NWOBHM act?
  19. Dave Seward was replaced on guitar by Jon Jon Gould, with which other band does he play?
  20. At Which Bristol venue did he make his debut as a member of AST?
  21. When the band perform as a three piece, what name do they go under?
  22. In what town did the bands 2010 'Life And Times' tour start and finish?
  23. As part of the tour the band headlined a festival in which Welsh town?
  24. Which track was inspired by events on the tour?
  25. What is the name of the bands faithful roadie / gig booker / photographer / merch man / etc / etc / etc?

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