The true Therian quiz.

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Therians are rare, special, individuals whom deserve nothing more or less then respect. I, myself am a Wolf therian and have been searching for real, good, heart to heart quizzes without stupid un-related questions. This is a REAL therian quiz.

This quiz will help you figure out what animal you relate to most. It asks questions that are related to your life style. Some of the questions may be inappropriate for minors, but if you are a minor and truly want guidance for your spiritual animal just be mature about the questions.

Created by: Soren of [no urls]
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  1. Which of the following places do you feel most bonded to when visited or seen.
  2. Do you like to be in a pack of any sort. Be it friends, or family?
  3. If given the chance, which of the following would you have placed on you.
  4. Do you suffer from depression, or feel like something is missing from your life that you had in a past one?
  5. When you get angry beyond control you-
  6. When in pain you tend to
  7. When given food you feel you must-
  8. When you are sexually aroused you tend to-
  9. Which animal do you feel you are, will be, or used to be.
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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