The totally random quiz

Okay, since my quiz jumps from thing to thing to thing, you'll probably get lost and maybe if you are a blue crayon,(You'll know what I mean when you take the quiz)cry.

If you are deciding whether or not to take this quiz,let me heed the warning.Once you take it, you'll probably be saying "What?" to my questions a lot. Who cares? Just take this quiz to laugh a little:}

Created by: Bethany
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have a lucky number?
  2. Do you like butter?
  3. What is your fav. letter listed?
  4. Do you like things that laugh?
  5. What does the word'key' make you think of?
  6. Do you like nouns or verbs better?
  7. Sweet or salty?
  8. What color is your shirt?
  9. What question number is this?
  10. Pick a word for fun!
  11. Do you like the word tower or crate better?
  12. Do you eat cereal out of a bowl or cup?
  13. do you think its harder to push or pull?
  14. Do you think if you are 113-119, you should be called a great teen or a 2nd teen?
  15. Is your or was your kindergarden teacher nice?
  17. What time is it?
  18. Say one of these words:Good,donut,spoon,platter Which one did you say?
  19. Do you agree with "Home is wear the heart is"?
  20. Do you know anyone named Jacob?
  21. There is only one more question.
  22. What word listed do you say most often?
  23. Do you think people laugh like HaHaHa or HeHeHe more?
  24. Upper or lower case letters?
  25. My ceiling in my room is white!
  26. Pens or pencils?
  27. Knock Knock.
  28. Trees is to as water is to well
  29. Do you think Gold is the same as yellow?
  30. Say your abc's,Did you say them?
  31. If you could add a letter to the alphabet,What,out of the following,would it be?
  32. If you have a camera, does the battery last long?
  33. Carpeted or wood flooring?
  34. Do you ever use the word 'twine'
  35. Multiply 2x1
  36. What there do you use most often?
  37. Should there be a fifth season?
  38. This is question 40,pick a multiplication problem that you use most when getting to 40.

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