Take this quiz whether you want to or not.

A totally random quiz, possibly about your personality, or something along the lines of that. Yeah... thats about it. So just take it already. okey????

Take this quiz! I know you want tooo!!! Its uh... a little strange... and... uh... random, but that is totally okay buecause it is fun. (I need more characters b cuz this is really pointless.)

Created by: Yellasplitzer287

  1. What was the point of the first 2 questions?
  2. Ok, starting the quiz. You ready?
  3. -Mom, what are we having for dinner tonight? -Uh... [tap tap tap]... Italian!
  4. Pizza?
  5. Time to get serious.
  6. You were pouring another type of coffee in your coffee cup, and outta the corner of your eye you saw two guys walk in. One with a black hoodie....
  7. Do you think you are positive?
  8. Do you KNOW you are positive?
  9. Well, then what do you think about this quiz?
  10. Right now. Favorite type of candy?
  11. Favorite type of food?
  12. Last question. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  13. Will you comment and rate? (does not affect at all)

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