The totally crazy, random-result Personality Quiz

Ever take those weird personality quizzes you find all over teen magazines and webpages? Have you ever gotten an accurate result? I didn't think so. Me neither!

So I've made a quiz garunteed to be off at least several personalities. The scoring is random. The questions make little or no sense. The only thing I'm sure it will make you do is roll your eyes!

Created by: Henrietta
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your favorite color?
  2. Describe the socks that you are wearing.
  3. Favorite food?
  4. This won't (or, who knows, maybe I'm lying, maybe it will) have an effect on your score.
  5. Again this won't (or, maybe will!) have an effect on your score. Do you like this quiz?
  6. Filler question. Only two identical answers. But, do they have identical scores?
  7. Legit question now. Your favorite kind of book from the choices below?
  8. Which, out of the six words below, appeals to your eyes the most? (Which looks the nicest? Don't think about it.)
  9. In youropinion, what is the opposite of "fool"?
  10. You have howmanysiblings?
  11. What would you say if a stranger ran up to you and said, "You are an uncool person!"
  12. Why?
  13. End of quiz. Do you think you'll get an accurate result?

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