Don't bother taking- This Is A Test Quiz

This is a totally random quiz and you can take it if you really want, but there isn't really much point. But if you want to take this quiz, why not?

I'm just warning you though, it's kind of pointless. And I'm just going on about how pointless it is to fill in the No. characters I. So like, yeah!

Created by: HelenWonky
  1. What is pi?
  2. Who says this: "Wrong, wrong. Absolutely brimming over with wrongability."
  3. Why did the chicken cross the Mobius Strip?
  4. Fill in the blank: I think _____ dog is scary.
  5. How many dots does an ellipsis have?
  6. What is this website called?
  7. A farmer has 8 cows. All but 5 die. How many are left?
  8. Jack's mum has four children: Wanda, Wenda, Winda and ___
  9. What is the best pudding?
  10. Last Question. What is one fire truck to the power of zero?

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