The Ultimate Thomas the Tank Engine Quiz!

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Do you know Thomas the Tank Engine? Like, really REALLY well? I challenge you to answer 16 questions of everything Thomas. Including Railway Series, Television Series, and more.

Are you a true blue tankie? Prove your knowledge to this quiz like a true brainy trainy fan. Go Go, Thomas! Thomas, you're number one! WHOO WHOO!!!!!!

Created by: Christian Meeks
  1. What does Gordon pull?
  2. Which of these diesels are NOT in Day of the Diesels?
  3. What does Diesel 10 call his devious mechanical claw?
  4. What was the first episode of Thomas the Tank Engine aired on TV?
  5. Who is the Metropolitan Vickers Diesel?
  6. Which of these are NOT twins?
  7. Who came up with Montague's nickname, Duck?
  8. What number is Whiff?
  9. Who hides Lady away in Muffle Mountain?
  10. Who is Toby's coach?
  11. Who saved Oliver and Toad from scrap?
  12. What is D199's nickname?
  13. Who is NOT a traction engine?
  14. Which diesel engine is threatened by sugar?
  15. Who is the visitor in "Gordon and the Famous Visitor"?
  16. Who is Gordon's big brother?

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