How well do you know BLAKE'S 7?

While many sci-fi fans have probably never heard of it, Blakes 7 was a sci-fi series that ran for 4 seasons during the late 1970s- early 1980s. It has become a icon in British television, and represents some of the best television of its time. This quiz is primarily aimed at people who consider themselves "diehard" fans of the series.

So, how well do YOU know Blakes 7? Now with this 30 question quiz spanning the characters, ships, locations, and backgrounds of the series, you can put your Blakes 7 knowledge to the test.

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  1. In the first episode of the series, Blake was falsely accused and convicted of which crimes?
  2. According to the episode "Sand," Servalan was deeply in love with who?
  3. Blake's crew in the first season consisted of himself, Avon, Vila, Cally, Jenna and Gan (6 members). Who did Blake consider to be the 7th member of the crew?
  4. In the episode "Killer," according to Orac, a Wanderer Class I spaceship went missng in 61 Cygni -and that area is commonly known as?
  5. In "Redemption," Blake and his crew encounter The System, a machine world responsible for the construction of The Liberator. What did the two Altas call Blake's ship?
  6. Darth Vader is to Stormtroopers as Travis is to what?
  7. IMIPAK is an acronym for what?
  8. Blake's first name is________?
  9. Who originally commanded Scorpio?
  10. In "Games," Tarrant refers to a flight simulation game as an "old LFS." He then explains to Soolin that LFS stands for...
  11. According to "Seek-Locate-Destroy," what was the method of communication used throughout the Federation?
  12. What is Soolin's native nickname for her home planet?
  13. What boardgame did the computer Orac enjoy playing with the Liberator crew?
  14. Prior to Blake's first trial - when he renounced the resistance movement - which resistance group did he belong to?
  15. In "Moloch," what song was popular among drunken Federation soldiers?
  16. What was the Ortega?
  17. At the opening of the episode "Star One," the passenger ship Nova Queen collides with an oil carrier ship and crashes. According to the Nova Queen's pilot, how many passengers did he have onboard?
  18. What ore was mined from the planet Horizon?
  19. In "Warlord," Zukan sends Avon and Soolin to Betafarl to recover an anti-toxin for the effects of the Federations Pylene 50 drug. Upon arrival, they discover what?
  20. Humanoids found on the Time capsule in the episode "Time Squad" were called what?
  21. In "Blake," what area of Gauda Prime did Scorpio crash in?
  22. Who was the Purser of the "Space Princess?"
  23. Liberator's Neutron Blasters cannot be fired until what action is taken?
  24. On both Liberator and Scorpio, teleportation is impossible unless the person being teleported is wearing a what?
  25. What project did Blake and Avon discover they both worked on?
  26. Gan murdered a Federation Guard because...
  27. According to "Rumors of Death," Avon's girlfriend Anna Grant was actually a undercover agent that operated under which alias?
  28. However, Anna Grant's REAL name was what?
  29. Cally had a twin sister that she left behind on Auron. What was her name?
  30. Finally, who was the creator of the Blakes 7 series?

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