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Inspired by the ultimate genius good-guy villain King Thomas of Iscrane, this quiz is designed to be not-necessarily-accurate, but good fun. A series of answers to multiple choice questions lead to a certain common personality with a character from Tom's adventures (recorded and cataloged in Alicia Heston's series, The Tom-Tom Files).

If you've read the series, you need to take this quiz. If you haven't, take it anyway. The steaming mix of characters should give you a good laugh if nothing else. And some of these people have serious issues ... I mean SERIOUS ones. But we can have a little fun at their expense. (They don't mind.)

Created by: Alicia Heston
  1. Describe your physique.
  2. Weapon of choice:
  3. Describe your persona.
  4. What do you like?
  5. Describe an asset.
  6. Pick a Go-to statement.
  7. Childhood story:
  8. Pick a trademark:
  9. What is your escape strategy?
  10. Hair color:

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