The Tenth Circle

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Dylan M. has created a website all about The Tenth Circle, providing a detailed summary on the fabulous novel. Hopefully the information provided stayed with you.

Do you have what it takes to take a quiz on the summary? Take this simple, 10-question quiz to find out really how closely you paid attention to the synopsis.

Created by: Dylan M. of this site
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  1. Who has been supposedly raped?
  2. Who has been accused of raping Trixie Stone?
  3. Where did Daniel Stone grow up?
  4. What is Laura Stone's profession?
  5. Who is Trixie's best friend?
  6. Which substance did doctors find in Trixie's bloodstream?
  7. Who did Laura have an affair with?
  8. Where does Trixie have a breakdown?
  9. Where does Trixie overhear the detective?
  10. Does Jason fall from the bridge or is he pushed?

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