Are You a Square, Circle, Rectangle, or Triangle?

What do you think you are? A smart square? A creative circle? A rad rectangle? Or a testy triangle? No, this isn't math class, but it is fun!Have a blast taking my quiz and try as many times as you want. See how other answers may change the outcome. Have fun!

Thanks to this quiz, you can find out what people may really think of you and how you could change for the better. Tell your friends about this quiz and see what they are! Are they really as similar to you as you may think? Enjoy!

Created by: Megan
  1. Salem is the capital of Oregon.
  2. Your mom just got a promotion for her company and it's either move hundreds of miles away and get the promotion or stay and don't get the promotion. What's your reaction?
  3. To school you wear...
  4. My attitude is like...
  5. If given these choices, my fave animal is...
  6. I have __ friends.
  7. I ______ being the leader of a group.
  8. I ____________ when I hear a rumor.
  9. I have gotten into trouble ____ times at school or at home.
  10. My grades are...
  11. How's your organization?
  12. I consider myself..

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Quiz topic: Am I a Square, Circle, Rectangle, or Triangle?