the stupid random quiz

randomness...the art of provoking the mind to say something so unrelated to what is going on, that most of the time other people laugh. you have to have an extraordinary mind to be random and- wait, who am i kidding?

well, you want to see how random you are? that take this quiz! it will summerize you into one average day item that, at the same time, exagerates the randomness.

Created by: lucas
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. yes or no.
  2. you have a cupcake and a piece of pie. which is better?
  3. you are left alone for ten minutes. what do you do?
  4. why did the rooster cross the road?
  5. favorite color?
  6. what is your IQ?
  7. did you click the answer that said "do not click?"
  8. whick steriotype do you fall under?
  9. did you enjoy this quiz?
  10. did you answer the last question truthfully?

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