Random knowledge quiz

I have devised a quiz consisting a 10 random questions. These questions will accurately place you on the scale of ignorance. You are either smart or stupid, and most of you are probably stupid, unless you cheat. I mean common people, this is the INTERNET. The answers are everywhere.

Ignorance really bothers me, so don't screw up! Or else I will find you and track you down tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day.

Created by: Georg Schmit

  1. How mmany years was John Paul the pope?
  2. Answer the following math problem: 2(8x9)+12/3
  3. What's the capital of East Timor?
  4. Where is Timor Leste?
  5. Who was the 19th president of the US?
  6. How do you say Senator-elect in plural form?
  7. Which one of these cheeses is vegetarian?
  8. Who wrote The Cardinal's Mistress?
  9. The song "My Sharona" was performed by which band?
  10. What is the origin of the word sky?

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