The relationship of Brian and athena

Welcome to my quiz. This quiz is based on my relationship with Athena. This quiz is for anybody to take. Good luck on the quiz and make sure you rate ten and if you want then you can comment.

If you do badly then don't get mad because I made this quiz for fun and don't take this too seriously. If you do badly and want to do better then ask Athena.

Created by: XXX_brian_XXX
  1. How long have I known athena as of today
  2. How did I meet athena
  3. True or false: I have kissed Athena at least once since we met
  4. What is my favorite animal
  5. What is Athenas favorite animal
  6. True or false: when I first saw Athena it was love at first sight
  7. True or false: Athena has drawn pictures of us together.
  8. True or false: Athena and I are the same age.
  9. The rest of the questions don't count. The rest are for fun. If you select the five then chuck Norris will roundhouse kick Justin beibers ass.
  10. What's nine plus ten

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