The Reason Why I Left You Part 7

So hi!!!!!!! This is part 7! Some really interesting things are gonna happen!!!! So ya. Oh by the way, after this series, I'm gonna make another one but with different characters so ya:)

Hey! Guess what? Its the second pharagragh! Ya*sacazim.* you what's funny is that at my school I'm the class clown,the smart a**. Its soo weird. And I'm popular but I'm not mean I'm nice:) well go on and read the story:)

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  1. You see Austin and you push Micheal away and he ends up giving Sean a hug and Seans like "Woah man get off me I'm not gay!" And he pushes him off him. You stare at Austin and you think 'why did I date him? He's selfish,annoying,has no looks,and only cares about himself!' You look over and Seans doing a weird bunny hop dance with Micheal and you give them a horrified look. They look at you and they stop. They smile and you smile back. You notice that Sean is the complete oppisite. You hope you can stay together forever you look back at Austin and he has Lazaro and Ariel held hostage so you only have Micheal and Sean. You turn around again and this time they are at a fighting position. You tell them that you will be right back and you go to Austin.
  2. You go over to him and he comes to give you a hug. You just stare. "So what your gonna fight your ex? Hunh? You have Micheal! Hah really? Let me guess your dating Sean right?" You stare and you say "what do you want from me Austin? You could of told me you were a crip! Like really! Want from me?" "Well see sweet cakes ill let your friends free and ill let the bloods alone for only one thing." "What?" "You" you look over at Micheal and Sean and they are giving you worried look. "(Your name) you don't have to do this. We love you and we can take of this our selves" says Lazaro. You smile and Ariel is smiling at you. "Ok let them free." You say "no don't do this (your name)!!!!" Says Ariel. One of the guys let's them free and they run to Sean and Micheal. They tell them and Sean screams your name and Micheals telling you no. You look at them and smile. You look over at Austin. He leans in to kiss you and you punch him in the face. He falls to the ground and the other guys come and this time everyones here. You all start fighting. It becomes a very bloody battle.
  3. You all keep fighting till they are all past out. You won!!!!! You all do the victory and Lazaro tosses you in the air. He puts you down and kisses you. He smiles and goes to Ariel and starts making out with her. Sean goes up to you and starts making out with you (pretend you guys are making out to it will rain by bruno mars) you stop and smile and go to Micheal. You hug him and he smiles.
  4. You all check in at a motel and you each get a room. Ariel and Lazaro get their own. You share with Sean and Micheal like usal. You step in the motel room and its way nicer then the one you stayed in cali.
  5. Micheal comes running in and jumps on the bed closest to the door. "Call it!" He says. you and Sean share the bed that's closest to the wall. *FAST FORWARD* all of you are getting ready for bed. You go the bathroom and you look at yourself. You notice that you have a hickey on your neck. Probably from Sean. He was messing around with you in the cab. You come out and Micheals standing by the door with no shirt. Sean is leaning against the wall next to your guys bed. Your speechless. They are both so hot that your glad you get them to yourself. "Let's play a game" says Micheal. You and Sean agree. You all sit on the floor and you guys play the question and answer game.
  6. You go first. "Uhhm. Micheal,how long have you had a crush on me?" "Well let's see. When I first sterted talking to you in science class when we sat together in 6th grade. When we moved seats and you sat next to Ariel and we were sitting across,I was glad but sad." "Wow" you say. Its Micheals turn. "Sean,would you ever break up with (your name) for a Victoria's Secret Model? Remember,no lyes or we can find out sooner or later." He looks at you and you give him a innicent sexy look. He gets ansty and he finnaly answers. "I don't know. Depends on how she looks. But I can't cause its my turn and I have to ask (your name) something that will blow your mind away Micheal."
  7. You stand up and he goes tords you on his knees "I love you and I wanna take care of you. Will you marry me?" You pause and you say "yes" he puts the ring on you finger and he kisses you. You run to Ariels room and you show her. She squels and hugs you. Lazaro kisses you on the cheeck. You go back to your room and Micheal says "I'm ok with it as long as I'm you best man!" Sean agrees. Your so glad that you start jumping up and down.
  8. That's it for part 7!!!!!!!! Hoped you liked it!
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  10. Bye!!!!!

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