Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 17)

Okay, guys, I finished this quiz in like three days I think... that was the quickest I could finish this off! The paragraphs and detail are pretty intense, I hope that's all right with you.

I introduced characters from my quiz series speaking from their own point of views. It's creative and interesting. It creates and even bigger thinking circle at the end. Please comment on what you think is gonna happen at the end of this series... this one is the CLIMAX!

Created by: Mythologyfreak

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  1. ~*Coal's Viewpoint*~: Don't you hate those experiences when something is right in the darned front of your nose and you look around everywhere trying to darned find the darned, darned thing? That's how I felt when I, the leader of the Death Fairies, realized that Upiorzyca and those blithering idiots had escaped from right in front of my face. You see, I got lost in the Prison's stupid maze. I know, I'm pathetic. But I did. It's been decades since us Death Fairies ravaged this place and took over, and I still couldn't navigate my way through it. I should have known- Upiorzyca isn't as dumb as I thought. With that lousy spirit inside of her, she could practically do everything that was impossible even for the supernatural. I'd completely forgotten that, which had earned me a kick in the spot by my assisstant, the Death Dragon, Nyla. Well, at least she was an advantage since she used to be part of their group. It was easy to hypnotize her. Still, she could be tough. Now, here we are, at the outskirts of Axday, waiting for our spies to come back and show us where those fools are.
  2. ~*Coal's Viewpoint*~: I'm starting to feel cold, miserable, and chilly. It was nearly morning. The sky was turning into a soft, flowery pink and the orange sun began to rise from the distant mountains. Still, it was cold. As a blustery wind passed by me, making my shirt flutter, Nyla grumbled, "I hate you, Coal. You and that crappy speech you gave to Upiorzyca and those morons." I sighed. I was supposed to look tough and should have a seething look in my eyes, all stimulated by my mohawk haircut. But I sighed. When it came to girls, there was no getting out of difficult situations, especially when they give you that look and do what I had mentioned earlier. When I looked up, I sighed in relief as several of our comrades came flying over. Landing by my side, one of them whispered, "They're just north of the Empty Lake." I nodded. Well, you wanna know what the Empty Lake is, don't ya? It's this lake that's so transparent it looks empty. So, technically, it's full- but empty (I hope it makes sense.). "Well?" Nyla growled at me. "Let's get outta here! I want to get those- those b-" "Yeah, yeah, I know. You, yeah, you four guys, go and organize the army and replace those dang bars." the spies looked at me like a bunch of worthless nerds. "You'll get extra bucks." they immediately took off. I watched them go, and then I took into the air, Nyla following close behind. From up here, the bird's eye view was amazing- the rich, green trees swaying in the wind, birds chittering, rabbits hopping in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it way, deer gracefully hopping over wide streams like impalas. I am a lover of beauty and nature. My father would tell me that this was wrong- I was supposed to destroy the world. I obey his instructions, but whenever I get a chance to rest and think about my life so far, I always knew that deep down in my heart, trying to kill them, trying to gain power, destroying the world- all of this was wrong. I just didn't want to face my father's wrath. Okay- why am I telling you all this? Let's go on with the story.
  3. ~*Coal's Viewpoint*~: When we finished flying for what seemed like hours, I felt Nyla nudging me. Still deep in my thoughts, I didn't feel it until she jabbed me hard in the ribs. I gasped and rubbed the side of my chest. "What the heck was that-" I began, but I got cut off when she put a finger over her lips and pointed down. I looked down. It was a large clearing, a meadow, right smack-dab in the center of Axday. Nearly, no, not nearly, more than half of it was taken by a humongously huge, deep and rocky basin- the Empty Lake. I had to remind myself ten million times that there was water in it, it was just really, really transparent. Anyway, right beside it was a small settlement of six tents, partially in the shade and partially in the sun, weathered filthy from overuse. That was when I noticed something move in the breezy silence. I narrowed my eyes- was that Upiorzyca?- yes, it was. Beckoning to Nyla, I swooped down headfirst, quietly into the thickets just close enough to see Upiorzyca and far enough to be out of those losers' sensing ranges. Nyla dived down beside me and appeared next to me just as fast. I squinted closer. She was peeking around, as if trying to find somebody.
  4. ~*Coal's Viewpoint*~ Upiorzyca looked anxious as she nosed around. Finally, the elf dude emerged- Mollasses, I think his name was (he oughta be named syrup. Tries to stay steady but isn't.). I listened intently, straining my hearing to the maximum. The dude looked shy. He was going red in the face. Mollasses- "Uh... hey, 'Zyc." Upiorzyca (feeling awkward)- "'Sup, Eulisses?" *His name's Eulisses but I'll use Mollasses anyway* Mollasses- "About that day..." Upiorzyca- "Yeah?" Eulisses- "I-" He was about to continue when Viktor came out of nowhere, sweating in buckets, Granger trailing right behind him. Viktor seemed eager to get out of the sun and into the forest's shade. Nyla fidgeted behind me. "Wait," I whispered. She obeyed reluctantly. I gave her the signal when Granger muttered, following Viktor into the forest, "I feel a prescence somewhere closeby." We both immediately fluttered away, just a bit back to listen to Damon (who was already inside), Granger and Viktor discussing about something.
  5. ~*Coal's Viewpoint*~: I strained my hearing again. Nyla guarded me protectively behind, spreading out her big, leathery wings. Sometimes, I felt like a mouse in the cat's mercy. My wings were utterly small compared to her, and that meant I had only enough energy for several hours. She could probably go on gliding for, like, several days straight, you know? ANYWAYS. Sorry, I get off topic pretty easily. Let's go on. I heard Damon ask consernedly to his bucktoothed pals, and SO abnormally polite, "What shall we do about Upiorzyca? Her mind is constantly clouded with feelings toward Eulisses." "We know," Granger answered thoughtfully, thinking. That was when Viktor replied, shocking his brothers, and even us two idiots greatly- "I want to eliminate Eulisses from our group." Damon stared at him, looking completely busted, like a lightning bolt sliced him neatly in half. "How- Viktor, how in the world could you say that?" Granger agreed with him, staring at Viktor just as intensly. "Suppose he joins the enemy?" he suggested. Nyla coughed sarcastically. Big mistake. A deathly silence followed as I elbowed her hard, making her fall into the grass. Another big mistake. Viktor, Granger, and Damon looked in our direction suspiciously. "Someone has heard us," Viktor whispered. "Yes," Granger murmured. "But not one- two people." "It must be Coal," Damon figured, continuing to look this way. "Coal and an assisstant- a female. She has a familiar scent." I had to say, despite the dangerous situation, I was impressed. We were a pretty far distance away from them, but they were still capable of telling half of who we were. "We cannot afford to waste time," Granger mouthed to them. "We will leave them with whatever information we have given. Let us talk quietly." "Dang it," I snarled, realizing that we've missed an important chance. "It wasn't my fault," Nyla stated, to which I snapped, "Shut up. Let's go on back home. And when I shut up, I MEAN shut the hell up. Do you understand?" I gave her that look which made Upiorzyca tremble in the jail cell at the Prison, except without that grin which even I found freaky when I precticed it in front of the mirror at home.
  6. ~*Coal's Viewpoint*~: I was boiling with anger as me and Nyla soared on our way back to the Prison. As folks say, 'Out of the pan and into the fire.' I sensed Nyla's unsteady flying behind me- the air was vibrating slightly. And from this height, maybe even a human could tell. The sun was already high up in the sky, making us warm. The warmth only made my fists clench. We were totally fixed. The guys knew that I was there. They'd be even more protective. With them around, catching even a glimpse of Upiorzyca's face was impossible. I flapped my measely wings harder. The more I did, the more I felt like ripping Nyla's wings off and burning them into ash along with her body. Finally, the Prison appeared. I dove down, Nyla following several meters away this time. I entered the assembly- it was this giant gymnasium like thing underneath the Prison's tortue chambers. So, we were technically underground. Loads of Death Fairies, male and female, were crammed into a mixture of sparkles and gold and blackness. I stood up on the podium and used my magic to make my voice sound as if I were speaking into a microphone- "Everyone. I have an important announcement to make." Everybody stopped their nervous chittering. "We must be on our guard. Our reign is in danger. Upiorzyca and her 'friends' have realized who we were, under some unfortunate circumstances." I deliberately glanced at Nyla who had tried hiding herself among the impatient, angry crowd. Some Fairies who noticed this notion looked at her disgustedly and moved away. I continued, "They may be only six people total, but all together, they can be a very dangerous threat to us. You will ALL obey MY orders. And remember- we are loyal to my father and the blessed Mother. WE SHALL NEVER ACCEPT DEFEAT!" I roared, raising my fist. Everybody else raised their fists and yelled along with me. I didn't care that Nyla was reluctant and looking sad. I was happy with the fact that I once again was confident- I knew that we would stop those fools. We will kill them- kill them all....
  7. ~*Finally, Your (Upiorzyca's) Viewpoint*~: You felt glad. Eulisses forgave you! You thought he looked so cute, flushing red all over in the face like that. You skipped into the forest to confront the rest of the guys as Eulisses retreated into the tent, thinking about how stupid he acted in front of you. You looked stratled when you saw Damon, Viktor, and Granger looking out into the distance as they chorused, "They have left." "Who left?" you asked, expecting them to be startled. They turned slowly toward you, looking grim and eager to move on, but still maintaining composure. "Coal and Nyla," they started, making you gasp, "have found out some important information. You will be in charge of keeping Eulisses under constant watch. No fooling around with this love business," they finished sternly. Then they left, leaving you to brood to yourself in the forest.
  8. ~*Eulisses' Viewpoint*~: I watched like a moron as my brothers and Upiorzyca emerged grimly and seriously from the interior of the forest. I frowned. They looked in no mood to enjoy. 'What happened?' I thought. 'What happened to the bros? And her, especially?' I cautiously approached her. "Um... what happened in there?" she looked straight back into my eyes, not revealing one tiny hint. She seemed very tough and strict suddenly. "None of your business. Get back into your tent. NOW." That did it. I lost my temper on her, flailing my arms in a maniacal fury. "DO YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TELL ME? WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM, HUH? I HAVE A-" I stopped when Granger abruptly held onto my arm, Damon and Viktor staring down at me coldly.
  9. ~*Eulisses' Viewpoint*~: Granger dragged me into his tent, the others including Upiorzyca following. Once we were all seated, my brothers told me everything that had happened. I sensed a growing hatred in my body toward Viktor for what he said about me. I didn't even look at him for the rest of the day. On the other hand, I felt like killing Coal. All at once, I knew that our journey had twisted- we were trying to reach the Innermost Circle, trying to find the Mother, and still being chased by the Death Fairies. I knew that nothing would ever be the same again.
  10. Okay, guys! Good-bye! I made this quiz as fast as I could... hope ya liked it!

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