The Reason Why I Left You Part 3

So its now part 3!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! I think maybe in part 4 I will make it more interesting. Srry abou that. You know what I just now noticed,I made Sean seem like kellan lutz. Idk

"If you ever leave me baby, leave some morphine at my door.cause it will take a who lot of medication. To realize what we used to don't we don't have anymore". -bruno mars it will rain

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  1. Just then, Micheal pushes Sean onto the bed. He grabs you and starts making out with you. Sean quickly sees what's going on and punches Micheal in ribs. Micheal turns around and startsto punch Sean when Sean grabs his wrists and knees him in the stomach. You start to scream and cry. Lazaro comes in and stops the fight. Ariel come towrds you and starts hugging you....
  2. You can't stop crying. You fall to the groun d and start crying more. You look up and Seans standing there looking at you hopelessly. He looks like hes gonna cry. Sean has blood on his shirt. His nose is bleeding and so is his lips. He comes twords you. He stands you up and kisses you. You have blood on your lips but you don't care. In your ear he says"(your name) I did this cause he was on you. I will always proctect you".
  3. Sean let's go of you and he goes to Micheal. Micheal stands up. Lazaro goes to you and he hugs you. Sean and Micheal talk for awhile. Micheal comes and gives you a hug and says he's so sorry. Sean and Micheal are cool now. Sean hugs you again and kisses you. The blood is still running and you don't care. You love Sean and its all it matters. He grabs you and sweps you by your legs so your in the baby hold. He puts you on the bed and he leaves to take a shower.
  4. Micheal and Lazaro left to In And Out to get something to eat. Sean was still in the shower and you and Ariel were in the living room watching T.V. "what do you think they were talking about?" You ask Ariel. "Idk but its weird". You agree. The shower stops and out comes Sean in just a towel. Your speechless."what? You like my bod? Of couse you do come here". He says. You come. He grabs your hand and puts it on his abs. You start to like trace them and touch them. Just then, the door opens and Sean goes running in the other room.
  5. The door opens and here comes Micheal and Lazaro. They have a lot of bags of food. Ariel goes running to Lazaro and starts making out with him. "Yo",say Micheal. You give him a hug and a kiss on the cheak. He sets the food down and knocks on the door Seans in. "Come in Micheal only. Sorry babe." Micheal goes in and shuts the door.
  6. You grab the food and start eating some of it. Ariel and Lazaro are on the other bed eating together. Your focacing on the T.V. and trying not to focace on the boys laughing. What is going on in there? You ask yourself. Your about to find out.
  7. After you were done eating, you ask Lazaro if he can go in the room and see what's going on. He says sure. Sean and Micheal come out before Lazaro could go. Sean and Micheal are both wearing no shirts and are wearing shorts. They look at you and they smile at each oter.
  8. They come tword you and they lay down next to you on each of your side. You lay down and they push their abs against you. You feel like your in heaven. You snuggle next to Sean and Micheal leaves. Sean stands up and followa Micheal. Lazaro is behind
  9. About a hour later,all the boys come running out. "Girls get dressed they're coming!!!! We found a desanation and its time to fight".says Lazaro. "I think grls are sexy when they fight".says Micheal looking at you and Sean agrees. You and Ariel put on red and black and you guys are ready to fight. You all pile in a car Sean stole last night and you guys are on your way....
  10. Stay tooned for part 4!!!!!

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