The Reason Why I Left You Part 1

This my very first quiz. Its based on all my friends but we r all in 6th grade in real life. I rlly did have a ex name austin and ariels bf is rlly ya.

POV of the boys. Austin is tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. Sean is tall with brown hair,blue eyes.and has a six pack. Micheal is tall with dirty blonde hair,brown eyes and is very strong. Lazaro is medium size with black and red hair. He has brown eyes. Ariel is ur BFF

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

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  1. Today is the day you left him. The him is Austin. He is tall,with blonde hair and blue eyes. You could'nt take all the presherd heat and it killed you. You sent Austin a message on FaceBook. You hoped he understood.
  2. You log off and you call your friend Sean and you ask if he can pick you up. He comes 20 min. later. Sean is tall with brown hair,blue eyes,has a 6 pack and hes really strong. "Hey I heard you broke up with Austin. How ya feel?" He asks. " I told you dumb wit. Plus I feel kinda good but kinda sad." You have the biggest crush on Sean since 6th grade. But don't worry, there's more cute guys commin!
  3. When you guys get to school, you see Micheal and Ariel. Ariel is one of your best friends. Micheal is too. Micheal is tall with blonde hair,brown eyes, and is really musley. Ariel comes running up to you and gives you a hug while Micheal and Sean do the man hug. "I saw your message on FaceBook to Austin. I can't believe you acculy did it! If you wernt I was going to have Lazaro do it for you and have him kick his a##!" Says Ariel. Lazaro is Ariel's BF. He's short with black and red hair and is a gangsta. "Haha thanks Ariel. I just need to find a way to stop them from finding us. Are we still going to go over there?" You ask. "Ya were going after school." The bell rings and you go to 1st period.
  4. Mr.Slechbach and Mr.Hall arrive late for band. You play percusion. Sean plays claranete. After band, you go down the hall and every where you go everyone says hi to you. Your not ready to die but after school,its your desicion between life and death.
  5. After school, youmeet Sean,Micheal,Ariel,and Lazaro at the back of the school. "What is going on!" Said Sean. Sean dosnt know. "Listin,we are going to all the desanations where the crips(a gang in oregon) are and we are going to fight them.Austin is one of 'em that's why she broke up with him. We need your help. Please! (Your name)is mostly in trouble and we need you! Plese help"says Micheal. "Ok but only for (your name)",says Sean.
  6. That's it for part 1! See u in part 2
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  8. ok?Ok?OK?
  9. Goodbye

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