Life Can Be Hard Part 1

Hey guys! I'm new, and decided ti make this quiz series. Its more like a story, but your answers do have a result. I don't wanna make the first paragraph long, so I'll explain in paragraph 2.

Ok so this is about a boy named Austin. He doesn't have the best life. He has physcological problems that's no one knows of. He loves animals, and they comfort him. Enjoy!

Created by: FullMoonNight

  1. A young boy sits on a couch, reading. He looks to be about thirteen years old. He has shaggy black hair, ice blue eyes, and pale skin. His name is Austin Rutter. He reads the book with great intent, until a women in her early thirties burst into the room. She has sandy blonde hair, green eyes, and tan skin. She shouts, "Austin?! You were given chores that were to be completed BEFORE I got home! Instead, you've read!" She grabs the book. ***Time Freeze*** Austin begins to speak. Not with his mouth, but with his mind. He is trying to say who he is. ***Austin's Voice: "Shes mean right? Shes not my mom. Her name is Sammy Weztworth. My name is Austin Rutter. My parents were killed at gunpoint, when I was 11. Now, my legal guardian is Sammy, who's says I am obligated to call her Miss Weztworth. If I do not, I am punished. I already did those chores, Guess she hadn't seen. I am often bullied, but I don't know why. I try to be nice so people like me...but come to no avail. Sometimes I wish I could dissapear from everything. Become nothing. Become a tiny particle of dust no one sees. Then things would be so much better."
  2. (From now on, its Austin's POV, Ok?) Miss Weztworth slaps me on the arm. I want to cry, because I did nothing wrong. She sees the tears swelling in my eyes and ramble, "You better clean up your act young man, because If you don't, you'll get no dinner, and no animals!!" I winced at the thought of no animals, since I love them. Miss Weztworth lets me visit the shelter every Tuesday and Thursday, to see two German Shepherds, Zap and Bolt. She eyed me suspiciously and took me by the arm. She marched me to my room and plopped me on the bed, where I sat quietly. She said, "Austin, no acting up. I do not take such foolishness." But I hadn't acted up. She slapped me for no reason. She sighed and exited, while I felt like cutting myself.
  3. I just sat until Miss. Weztworth Came up to send me down for dinner. Im not really a fan of her cooking, but what am I supposed to do. I'm about to sit when I hear The doorbells ring. I know immediately that its Ethan. He is 16 years old, and he comes over a lot. Miss. Weztworth huff's and gestures to me to open the door. Although I feel she has no juristiction over me, I still do what she says over fear. I answer the door, and quickly make my way back to the table. Ethan takes one glance at my meat loaf and pulls it away. To Miss. Weztworth, he says, "I don't think you cooked that right." "What are you talking about?" She protests. Ethan looks a tad annoyed, "First of all, hes allergic to barley, and pepper, which are two ingredients in here." She looms deathly emmbarresed, and when I let out a small smile, she slaps me on my arm. "Is this funny Austin? GO TO YOUR ROOM." Full of sorrow, I take the dreaded walk to my room in which I know Im not getting dinner unless Ethan helps. Again, I want to take a knife and just, and just....
  4. It had been 15 minutes before Ethan appeared in my room. He took a seat beside me and puts his arm around me. He hugged my with sympathy, and I hugged back. Although I rarely talk to him, Ethan is like the brother I never had. The person who gives me guaranteed safety. The person who makes me think I deserve to be alive. If Ethan wasn't around, I'd probably be trying to hurt myself in a way that would lead to death. He started to talk, "Austin, shes not really a great guardian is she? I would take you somewhere fun for while so you didn't go through so much emotional stress, but she wouldn't approve." I didn't reply. They don't know that I feel like killing myself sometimes, or that I wish someone would kill me...Its a thought that comes by in my mind a large amount of times a day. I know I need help, but I tell no one over the overwhelming fear of being locked in a mental facility for kids. Thing is, I know suicide is wrong, but sometimes, it feels like the right thing to do. Ethan sighed and pat my shoulder. He gave me one last hug before leaving. I went on my bed, and fell asleep, my stomach feeling grotesque.
  5. I woke up sweaty and fragile. I had another nightmare. I keep having nightmares. Again, I tell no one. The dream was about Ethan, Sa-Miss. Weztworth. Ethan had come over the house, and he must have angered Miss. Weztworth, because she was holding a knife in her hand. She was pinning Ethan to the wall with one arm, holding the knife with the other. I wad huddled in the corner, shivering, sweating, very, very scared. I probably could have wet myself, but I didn't. I just watched, full of sorrow and pain. I didn't know where the pain was coming from. Feeling a burst of adrenaline, I tried to break Miss. Weztworth away from Ethan. Instead, she dropped the knife and grabbed me. She slapped me very hard in the face. She knocked me to the ground, and my head hit the wall very hard. I lay on the floor, confused and dazed, not knowing what was going on. Before I knew it, someone was on top of me, hitting me repeatedly. It was Miss. Weztworth. I took the beating. She gave me a break, and I was crying . really hard. I really did wet myself this time. I ran for the bathroom, and did what I needed to do to clean up. After I left, Miss. Weztworth grabbed me and pinned me to the floor. She hit me very hard with a belt over and over. Ethan managed to pull her off me, but by then, I was bruised and bloody. I went unconscious in the nightmare. It was then when I woke up.
  6. I wanted to run to safety of someones arms. But who? Miss. Weztworth would be mean and docile about it. Ethan is at home. And its not like anyone else lives in this house. I desperately looked around before grabbing my blanket and wrapped it around myself. It made me feel like I was a little protected. I wish Zap and Bolt lived in the house, then I could lay with them, and they'd be my guardians. They'd be the super nice animals that I adore. But they didn't live with us, so I couldn't gain warmth and protection from them. I felt like crying my eyes out, and I swear I almost wet the bed. Well, I don't know if that's normal. But it was a really scary dream, and I don't wake up easily you know? I was still frightened, and I just curled up in the bed, waiting for the sunrise that would start another grueling day. At tommorow, was Monday, so that meant school.
  7. I was wide awake until that morning. My alarm click buzzed, and I slapped snooze. I reluctantly got out of bed. I threw on the usual clothes-A t shirt, my black hoodie, some jeans, and sneakers. I brushed my hair a bit and left the room to grab some breakfast. Miss. Weztworth had already left for work, so I was alone. I got some cereal and guzzled down the milk. I just waited for a while, and In twenty minutes, I was waiting for the bus. It came down the road, and screeched to a stop. I made my way on the bus, only to be greeted by my bullies. Drake and Alex. I sat in my seat, and Drake and Alex appeared next to me, concealing me in the seat. Drake gave me my daily noogie while Alex gave me an insult, "Heck, if your parents were alive, they'd be regretting it." His words stung, and I felt a small amount of tears trying to force their way out of my eyes. I shut them, trying to restrain them, but that didn't stop a few from rolling down my cheek. They laughed and finally left, leaving me in a pit of despair.
  8. I arrived at school and exited the bus with the other kids. I groggily got to my locker. Lucky for me, my first period is Study Hall. I got my books from my locker, and tiredly got to the room. Some kids gave dissaproving scowls, while others whispered and giggled. Its upsetting, but I didn't say anything. I just sat and read my science textbook. I felt a rush of anger, despair, sadness, and hostility. Once again, I wish a knife would appear for me to use.
  9. I kept reading for the first twenty-five minutes,until I felt fatigue come on. I had only gotten about an hour of sleep last night, so yeah. I fell asleep on the book, and was awoken when a hand grabbed me.
  10. Cliffhanger, all I got....
  11. Bye bye

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