The Random Quiz

A lot of nerdy geeky people think they know lots. But not many research random stuff for no real purpose. Often these random but true facts stay in your head for longer, and this is the true quiz to master.

Are YOU ready for this? Do you have enough brain power to know that each question is just a little, small, unimportant bunch of figures which you can easily pull off? Find out and WIN IT!!!

Created by: lissE

  1. When is Taylor Swift's birthday?
  2. How many different species of cat are there?
  3. How many baby calves is a female cow most likely to produce?
  4. Which species of dog is the smallest in the world?
  5. Which religion is the most popular in India?
  6. What is 8 + 10546
  7. Which of these is a woodwind instrument?
  8. How many planets are there in the solar system?
  9. How much less is the average age of a man than the average age of a woman?
  10. What happens to a baby girl in India if she is unwanted?

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