I bet you score higher than a 60%!!

There are many dumb people here so lets find out with this 30 questioned quiz and yehhhhh and now i have to write random words about life which is not always fun

YEH PRETTY MUCH now i write random stuff about random potato things because well we all know potatoes are super awesome yeh thankss hope you enjoy byee -MEE

Created by: Dakotah

  1. Pick A Letter
  2. Pick A Number
  3. Pick A Color
  4. Pick A Symbol
  5. Pick A Word
  6. Pick A Pet
  7. Pick A Dog
  8. Pick A Cat
  9. Pick A Spongebob Character
  10. Pick A TV Show
  11. Pick A Competitive Show
  12. Pick A Name
  13. Pick A Year
  14. Pick A Board Game
  15. Pick A Transportation
  16. Pick A Card Game
  17. Pick A Award Show
  18. Pick A Movie
  19. Pick A Subject
  20. Pick A State
  21. Pick A Positive Adjective
  22. Pick A Negative Adjective
  23. Pick A Electronic
  24. Pick A Fruit
  25. Pick A Apple Product
  26. Pick A Gaming App
  27. Pick A Social Media
  28. Pick Another Social Media
  29. Pick A Search Engine
  30. Pick A Flowers

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