I bet that you can't score higher than 50%!

Lots of people wonder if they could read minds. It would be a cool power, you know. But it's not possible. But maybe, if you take this quiz, you could read my mind...

Could you read my mind? Maybe! If you take my quiz we will find out! But, I don't think so. For sure, you won't score higher than 50%. That garenteed.

Created by: Rebekahh27

  1. Are you ready to take my quiz?
  2. Good, let's begin. So, how are you?
  3. Answer this riddle: A man bought a car. Why?
  4. What is better? Apple or Android?
  5. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  6. What dessert do you feel like eating?
  7. Pick a color!
  8. What time is it?
  9. What was the question from question 4? (No cheating and looking back!)
  10. Do you think that you scored higher than 50%?

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