How Random Are You?

Blah blah blah unicorns and you like Chapstick? Are you as random as me? Click this quiz right NOW! You will experience ultimate randomness from the master.

Take this quiz right now to see how random you are!You can be a Random Master!!Or you can be a Serious Non-Random Guy. Find out right NOW! Take this quiz!

Created by: Kalapie

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You want to send the randomness thing to a friend in text. You type-
  2. You want to send the randomness thing to a friend in text. You type-
  3. You need to invite a popular person to a party. You walk up to him and you try to say something funny to get him interested. What do you say?
  4. You are writing a random story. You begin your story with-
  5. Chapstick?
  6. You want people to use your company's product. First of all, what is your product?
  7. Now, what random thing would you put in the ad to advertise your product?
  8. Congratulations! You are accepted into the club!
  9. Topple over and fall down.
  10. Hope you lose but win! Okay? React to this. Okay? Sure. Thanks!
  11. You have a book you need to order. You are a second late for the order. What do you do?
  12. You run errands all day and want to take a nap. You dream about-
  13. Game on.
  14. Are you happy you will be done with this quiz in a few more questions?
  15. You have to eat right?
  16. This question is useless. Choose any answer.
  17. ?
  18. Great little baby, please eat some food, mommy's gonna give you some yummy food...
  19. Last question. Hope you will get one?
  20. Nope! This is the last question.

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Quiz topic: How Random am I?