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  • You are 58% percent random! Don't forget to rate!!!

    Over halfway, so, doing pretty good. Try to be more random though, so you can embrace the glory and holiness of being a random little pickle, oh luminous one.

    My purple pickle ate my green llama,which is now taking a bath in chocolate covered ketchup.

  • You are 98% percent random! Don't forget to rate!!!

    CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON!!!! There's a party goin' on right here

    A celebration to last throughout the years

    So bring your good times, and your laughter too

    We gonna celebrate your party with you
    Come on now
    Let's all celebrate and have a good time
    We gonna celebrate and have a good time

    You're as random as ANYTHING!!!!!! YOU RULE!!!!!!!

    My llama wants to ride a platform because the pickle jumped off a Spartan with cheese!!!

  • Eighty one percent random,I am very unique and imaginative often. I like to be my weird true self rather than stupid boring society standards. Btw MCR is the best. Cool quiz mate.

  • Nearly pissed mahself laffin' at disssss! Sow funneh!! Yeahh im 75% randommm Biatches!!! Can I asked yew sumtinnn?? Why did ya rapee mah pickle?? Huh huh?? DAH COPS AREE ON DER WAYY!!

  • *Stares at quiz creator*
    *Quiz creator: ?!*
    *Stares again* I am Sparta and you're not.
    *Quiz creator: Riiiiiight...*

  • 35%? that's not what my friends tell me! :P haha


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