The quiz you cant pass.

You cant pass this quiz, because I made it near impossible. You think you can pass it? Huh? well, take it then, take it till you pass, I dare you. You know you cant pass, So just give up.

No way you can pass this quiz, if you do you're incredibly lucky because I made it near impossible. It is the hardest quiz ever or the easiest depending on how intelligent or lucky you are.

Created by: Jeri Sparkles
  1. If God gave you the choice to live forever what should you say?
  2. What is the reason of your exsistance?
  3. Anger is...
  4. Seth is...
  5. Which Band is Maynard James Keenan From?
  6. Finish Jeri Sparkles' sentence: America is...
  7. 3+4=
  8. The last question
  9. At this point in life I am
  10. Goth kids are...
  11. Do you think you passed this quiz?
  12. Last question

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