godsmack,are you a fan

are you a godsmack fan,wanna prove it...then step right up and take this quiz...and if you pass you'll have the honor of what most dont have,the honor of being the few to pass this grueling quiz,and that my friend,is pure bragging rights

now when i say honor,i mean it,and i mean it because this quiz will test you,you dont have to know everything to pass this quis,but you do have to have strong mental endurance

Created by: twinmill5000

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  1. lets start simple,wich genre of music does godsmack produce
  2. who is the lead singer (appears on most songs)
  3. wich of these songs isnt sung by godsmack
  4. rap,love it or hate it
  5. true or false? the godsmack plays some acoustic(country) music
  6. what era is godsmack music
  7. what are godsmack colors
  8. are you emo
  9. chopper of superbike
  10. what movie has godsmack made a music video about
  11. what would you rather be
  12. whch would you rather be (continued)
  13. this is getting really really old
  14. last question**for now***** =) when you get home from work or school you...(emos,im not insulting you)

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Quiz topic: Godsmack,am I a fan