Can u Pass my quiz

Can you actually pass this quiz? i created this quiz to see if you could pass the common knowledge of stories that are interesting but we tend to skim throught it and not focus on the important facts about it.

this is an easy quiz after every question there is an explanation just in case you forgot or you never knew. you might learn new things. this quiz is based on common stories that as a christian we should know

Created by: Jisel

  1. Lots Daughters got him drunk so they could lay with him ? Hint: Genesis 19
  2. Is the Golden rule not in the bible?
  3. how was John the Baptist killed?
  4. How was King Saul died?
  5. Why would Jonathan shoot three arrows?
  6. God rested in what day?
  7. God created the birds in wat day ?
  8. Is Job considered as a book of poetry?
  9. Satan ask permission to God so he can test Job to see if Job would curse God?
  10. The Ten commandment are found in what book of the bible?
  11. a Rainbow symbolize God's promise to Moses?

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