The Pro Minecrafter Test

Are you a Minecrafter? This test decides whether you should deserve sitting at home playing it! With 12 challenging questions (well most of them are easy) let's see of yo are a Minecraft Genius!

This test contains 12 questions. Do not quickly check the wiki page... Wait a minute... Just need to research who invented Minecraft... Might be a useful question for the quiz...

Created by: MoonQuest

  1. Who is Jeb?
  2. What happens when you sleep in The Nether?
  3. How was the creeper invented?
  4. What is the difference between Steve and Herobrine? 2 correct answers!
  5. Who owns Minecraft?
  6. What one of these can you not play Minecraft on?
  7. Which one of these is not a feature in Minecraft 1.8?
  8. Which one of these YouTubers does not do Minecraft videos?
  9. What is the only passive mob that can fly?
  10. Was this test tricky?

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