How well do you know Notch? Minecrafters Only!

Test your knowledge in the legendary, the one-and-only, the Minecraft myth. NOTCH! How well do you know the cool stuff? Wanna be a Notch when you grow up? See your chances!

Every Minecrafter needs to know the basic facts. Think you do? Try out the quiz! I'll make an easier one if this is a success! Warning-Contains PC and PE basics.

Created by: Caitlin

  1. The obvious question! What is Notch's Real name?
  2. Which animal would Notch NEVER, ever add in to Minecraft? -I'm not 100% sure if he would add in some of these, please don't be mad!
  3. Which company did Notch sell Minecraft to? -Rumored
  4. What is the classic Notch skin?
  5. Which year was Minecraft released?
  6. Which year were Rabbits released In the PC version?
  7. How much does the Minecraft Pocket Edition-Full cost?
  8. Ok.... Does Notch say Herobrine has been removed?
  9. Which of these happens when you get in the portal after defeating the Ender Dragon?
  10. Last question... Does Notch exist, or is he just part of the game, a non-player character?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Notch? Minecrafters Only!