What Myth Dragon are you..?

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Wanna know what dragon you are..? Click the answers for each question. Then after a few questions you will be able to find out what type of family Dragon you are in.

Anyways have fun with this quiz make sure to sent it to family and friends and see what amazing Mythical Dragon, you really are. All Dragons are cool.

Created by: MNM

  1. What age are you..?
  2. What is your favorite color(here)
  3. How strong are you..?
  4. Are you social
  5. Are you tall..?
  6. Do you like water..?
  7. Do you like to swim..?
  8. Do you like poetry..?
  9. Do you like the zoo..?
  10. Do you like to fly ...?(planes)
  11. What animal do you like..?(from here)
  12. Do you like ice or fire...?
  13. Do you wake up early..? And bother everyone
  14. Would you rather have wings..? Or live in water..?

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Quiz topic: What Myth Dragon am I..?