The Other Side: The Party II

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Welcome to the second part of the masquerade party from The Other Side. If the haven't read the first part or the prologue, you should so that you can understand this story better. If anything needs clearing up, post a comment, and I'll reply. Also, post your thoughts/opinion/etc in the comments, I like to know how I'm doing and what the readers think :) Oh, and the picture to the left (if it works) is the dress that Vixla is wearing.

In this story, you will read from several different viewpoints, but your main character will be Vixla, nicknamed Vi, a teenage girl (more around the ages of 15-17) who is a commander of a small team of semi-immortals. Your team works for the Blake's team, the biggest group of semi-immortals in the world. You have raven black hair and gray eyes that turn partly purple when you shift into your immortal form (part siren, part vampire)

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. The moment our eyes meet, his blue with my gray, he flashes his gaze to the floor. In that split second, it looked like his eyes showed fear or some similar emotion. "It's fine," he mumbles as if he doesn't really want me to hear him very well. He pushes past me, hurrying away nervously. That was kind of strange, but then again, most of Blake's accquaintances are a little odd.
  2. Ahead of me, I see Jared modeling my clip in his brown hair to another guest, a guy wearing a similar costume except in aqua blue with a half aqua and half silver mask. I can make an educated guess who that is: Kyle, Jared's best friend. The two are like twins in my opinion; in their words, it's "brodda from anodda motha" which sounds really weird from them since they hardly ever use slang. I watch as Kyle takes the clip from Jared's hair and puts it in his own blond hair, pretending to primp in front of a mirror. I roll my eyes... these two...
  3. I jump into the air, flaring out my silver wings, courtesy of my siren ancestors, and glide over the guys, landing in between them. I face Kyle. "Give it to me, please," I pleasantly demand. "Run," Jared advises from behind me. I look into Kyle's green eyes. "Give," I repeat. Kyle's right hand, which is holding the clip, slowly moves towards my outstretched hand. Did I mention that my special power is... how would I say it... persuasiveness?
  4. Sadly, though, it has it's limits. "Don't do it," Jared warns Kyle, and Kyle looks up, breaking eye contact with me. He throws the clip past me to Jared. I spin around and approach Jared, but as soon as I get close, he throws it back to Kyle. I put my hands on my hips, "What is this? Monkey in the middle?" "Oh, so you admit that you're a monkey?" Jared teases. I set my jaw. "Ooo now you're in trouble..." Kyle says.
  5. I know it's not very lady-like, but I tackle them both and wrest my clip away from Kyle. "You guys drive me crazy," I grumble as I twist my hair back into its updo and secure it with the clip. Jared flips me over so that he's on top. "We know," he winks. Kyle and Jared stand up, and Jared offers me his hand. I wouldn't trust taking it under normal circumstances, but in a floorlength gown, I need the help.
  6. Taking his hand, I still somehow manage to stumble and fall into his chest. He grins down at me, and I roll my eyes, pushing off of him to stand up on my own. "I'm off to get a drink," I announce. "Make sure you don't fall down again, I might not be able to catch you," Jared calls after me. I turn around stick my tongue out at him.
  7. I take a seat at the square-shaped bar in the middle of the dancefloor. The bartenders are all in jester costumes: a white mask with a multicolored imitation of a jester's hat, one-piece bodysuit, curled toe slippers, and bells everywhere so that the area is mass of tinkling as they move around rapidly, quenching people's thirsts. "True negative soft Bloody Mary," I order from the nearest bartender. "Umm... what?" he asks.
  8. I raise my eyebrow at him, a true Bloody Mary has to be the most popular drink among Blake's team; how can this bartender not know what it is? I examine him: white jester's mask with a blue and green hat covering his short brown hair, honestly confused brown eyes. Unlike the other bartenders, he isn't wearing a full costume and instead is wearing a black suit whose sombreity clashes with his mask, so he's probably new and no one told him the costume theme I guess. "Just go get Russel, please," I request, naming my regular bartender. I have no clue why Blake would assign a newbie bartender to work on such a busy party night.
  9. The guy wanders off in confusion and talks to a lady bartender at random who shoos him off and points to the tall, muscular guy with his back towards this side, black hair, and a red and gold costume that goes well with his naturally tanned skin color. The new bartender timidly taps him on the shoulder and talks to him a bit before he walks over to me. "Hey, Vi, will it be O, A, B, or AB this time?" he asks. "Vi? Who's that?" I say, pretending ignorance. A laugh lights up his warm brown eyes, "No one else is that obssessed with purple except you and Savanna. Since she doesn't like me, it's got to be you." "Wonderful reasoning skills," I comment, and he laughs, "I know, anyway, what do you want, _______?" "Mmm... whatever you've got the most of. I'm not feeling picky," I tell him.
  10. He mixes up my drink: one part blood, one part vodka. He pours it into a salt-rimmed glass and hands it to me. I sip it gratefully; it's been almost 2 months that I'd denied myself a drink like this. Having to drink blood annoys me, but it's an inconvenient side effect of having vampires for ancestors. At least this was a "soft" draught meaning that it was a mix of donated blood from other semi-immortals on the team, so it lessens my guilt and disgust by a degree. But only a degee. I wish I could completely go without it, but it'd eventually make me too weak, which is a dangerous thing to be when you're a team commander because everyone is just waiting to take your spot. The downnside to this type is that it has a bit of a sour aftertaste compared to blood straight from a human source. However, there is no way I would ever willingly do that; the thought of it sends not-so-pleasant shivers up my spine. Some other semi-vampires don't have the same feelings though, which is demonstrated by the girl a couple seats down from mine.
  11. She has black and red hair and is wearing a black pants suit, which is the uniform of the security guards tonight. However, she isn't enforcing security; she's up on the bartop drinking down bottles of blood sloppily, not caring when it dribbles past her mouth. Ugh. What's worse is the crowd of guys below her cheering her on just because they know they can take advantage of her when she's in a bloodlust. Sick. I take my drink and leave the area only to be dragged by the arm into a crowd of people.
  12. My kidnapper? A girl with brown hair and blond highlights in an electric blue club dress. I don't even have to ask; I know it's Bianca, another elite in Blake's team. She drags me to a clear spot on the dancefloor where there's 2 other people I know: Roxanne (AKA Roxy) who is on my team and Remy, a close friend of Blake who runs his own team. "What did you bring me here for?" I ask, and Roxy laughs, "To dance of course."
  13. I stand there like an awkward puppet, sipping my drink, while the three of them wave their hands in the air, dancing away. Roxy's dress lights up to the beat of the music and Remy's dyed white hair reflects the rainbow colors of the party lights. The song transitions into "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO. Roxy grabs my arm, "You HAVE to dance now, no excuses, Vi." I don't know how, but she's right. Somehow I find myself swaggering across the dancefloor with the rest of them and dancing some moments later.
  14. Once the song is over, I try to excuse myself again, but a foxtrot comes on and Bianca insists that I stay, pushing Remy towards me as a partner. When Bianca wants something done, something gets done, so I'm not allowed to go, at all. At least it isn't all that bad, I love the liveliness of the music and being twirled around to see the colors of everyone's costumes spin and meld together like I'm on a mad teacup ride. The next song up offers no chance to escape either since it's the "Cotton-eye Joe", and I can't resist hopping around to that one.
  15. As it turns out, I let loose a bit and have some fun dancing with them like no one's watching through a seemingly endless stream of songs until I'm out of breath. Bianca left a while ago to go get a drink, but Remy and Roxy are still going strong. Roxy suddenly stares to her left as if drawn to something. "Oh my gosh, that guy is hot." she states. I follow her gaze to see a guy with long "emo-styled" black hair that has a red streak and covers one of his icy light blue eyes. The party lights glint off of his snake bite lip rings. I don't know who that guy is, but he does fit Roxy's type.
  16. "But he's going to go dance with with that girl," I comment. "Oh no he's not," Roxy looks mischievious and her eyes glow purple. The guy suddenly turns from the other girl and heads our way. Mind control, I wasn't surprised; that's Roxy's talent. "What if that guy wanted to dance with her?" I ask. "Oh, he didn't otherwise it wouldn't have been so easy to convince him to come over here," she smiles innocent-angelically, which is ironic, seeing as she's a fallen angel. "Well now we both will have dance partners," Roxy points out, but at that moment, I see a flash of a gray. "Actually, I need to go check something out..."
  17. *End part II* The guy question returns; who do you like so far?

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