DBZ love (fanfiction) part 2

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i have nothing to say but read the first part so you understand whats going on right now in the story. if you already read the first party then go on ahead and make sure youo leave tips and reviews.

does anyonme even read these thiings i normally skip them because the person doesnt really say anything but what its about. well i will tell you now its just a fan fiction about my favorite shirt.

Created by: Music Monster J

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  1. "Relax it's just me" Goten said as he pulled you into his arms. "What's going on" you whispered. "We have an intruder so as soon as I heard the sirens I came back to your room. To make sure you were okay" he said. "Goten where are my clothes" you asked. Knowing that you can't fight rapped in a towel. He pressed a few buttons on the wall and it slid open to revel a room just a little bit smaller than the one you were in. but it was still huge and filled with clothes. You took a moment to look at everything and then realized there was still the intruder so you quickly threw on some clothes. Making sure Goten so nothing although he was close a few times.
  2. "So are we going to kick some ass or just sit here and talk" you asked. "Not you because your unstable" he replied. You were about to Question what that meant but then you realized that the alarm stopped.
  3. "Goten it stopped what does that mean" you asked already knowing the answer and just wanting to talk to him. "They left or was beat" he said you, lied down on your bed and he came and sat next to you. "So about that date" he smirked. "You want to go now don't you" he nodded as you spoke. "Let's go" he said sounding really happy. He picked you up and ran down the stairs with you on his back.
  4. "Where are we going" you asked giggling your head off. "You'll have to wait to see" he said laughing. Once outside gotten took off in flight making you grip him tighter, because your fear of heights.
  5. "You're scared aren't you" he asked all giggles gone. "No, well not the way you're thinking I have a fear of heights" you murmured in his ear. "Well then were changing our destination." He used instant transmission and teleported us to the Eiffel tower. To the very top.
  6. "I know this is still high but I thought this is a romantic setting do you like it" he whispered to you. You looked up and what you saw took your breath away. The view was beautiful you could see all of France. "Not like I love it. Goten no guy has ever done something like this for me. No guy even to me anywhere nice, but you... your amazing. Goten I don't know what to say you have me speechless." You said. "You don't have to say anything" he said looking down at you since he is taller. The moon made his eyes sparkle.
  7. "You have beautiful eyes" you whispered. "And you have a beautiful... everything." He replied.
  8. He leaned his neck down a little bit and kissed you. After a moment he teleported back into your room. Where you two stud in the middle of the room intertwined together. Then there was a random knock at the door.
  9. Your lips left his and you made your way to the door to open it when suddenly the alarms went off again and you were snatched by someone.
  10. All you saw was Goten's face ready fight but then you were transported somewhere, a person that was in the shadows came up to you and everything went dark. Your brain slushed into a dark abbess that felt like an eternity of sleep.

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