The Official Divergent Faction Aptitude Test

Welcome to the Official Divergent Faction Aptitude Test. Most questions are not obvious to their factions, and I've tried to make questions that are thought provoking and deep. Most Divergent quizzes are short and simple to answer, but this test is 20 questions, and requires your full attention. I hope you enjoy.

When you've finished, feel free to comment and share with your friends! I've worked hard on this test, and have tried to make it as elaborate as possible. I hope you enjoy it! Happy testing!

Created by: Bobby Blue of TheOfficialDivergentFactionAptitudeTest
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  1. You enter a moonlit arena. It's deserted, but you hear something coming in the distance. What do you grab to hopefully help defend yourself against a possible threat?
  2. You are walking back to you home in your faction and notice a member of Dauntless trying to get a young boy to jump off a building with them. It's safe, and they're using parachutes, but the boy looks scared. He tries to leave, but the member of Dauntless keeps trying to convince him. He isn't leaving him alone! What do you do?
  3. Which Faction are your parents from?
  4. Which celebrity do you have the most in common with? Remember, this isn't who you like the most, it's who you are the most like.
  5. Which age range do you fall in?
  6. If you are more masculine, choose SKIP for this question. You are about to attend a ball! Full of glittering gowns and sparkling candles. A secret someone has given you a couple of outfit choices for the occasion... Which do you choose?
  7. Which faction do you hope to be in?
  8. Someone in your faction is planning a party! She asks you what you want to see in the party. You reply with...
  9. You come home one day to find a scroll on the dinner table. You open it, and it says you're going on a quest! You get to bring a magical creature with you! Which do you choose?
  10. You have some free time, and you want to spend time on an electronic device. What do you do?
  11. Do you have a rare human gift? If so, what is it?
  12. Which job would you be the best at, or enjoy the most?
  13. You and your friends are playing truth or dare! Your friend tells you to choose if you want to get a truth, or get a dare. You reply...
  14. You're following a map that is supposed to lead you to a cure for Corona Virus. You've been following the clues for 22 days, and finally, you are on the final clue. It reads, "You shall find me in the place where light shines on the overlooked." You had just been in a plane, and dropped down with a parachute to find yourself on a platform. There are 7 paths branching out from the platform. Which do you take?
  15. You're at a friend's house, who's a baker. He made lemon bars dusted with powered sugar for everyone who came over. They're sweet, sour, and feel like a cloud in your mouth. There's only one left! There are six of you... What do you do?
  16. You had a doctor's appointment, so you missed the first half of class. You know that today is the day you vote which period should get a pizza party, based on their class video that each class took a month to make! The videos are all about removing the stigma of mental illnesses. Your friend asked you to vote for his class, because his family can't afford pizza, so he really wants this pizza party. You arrive to class, and the teacher gives you a voting slip. Everyone in class is waiting for you before the teacher announces the results! Which class do you vote for?
  17. You have two siblings, and they got into a fight. One of your siblings says the other one is always in their face, and isn't respecting her personal space. The younger sibling says that the older sibling told her she'd become distant and aloof, so she was just trying to get closer with her sister! Now they're asking you to take a side, and they're making you very angry! What do you do?
  18. What do you see in a leader?
  19. You're a doctor. A government leader comes into the hospital with a rare case of Cuppyalia, a deadly disease when inhaled. Yet, when this disease is injected, it can cure cancer!! A young boy in the hospital has Leukemia, and this could save his life, at the cost of the leader's life. If they give the leader the cure for Cuppyalia, it will kill the disease and save the man, while killing the boy. You also can't just take the disease out of the man and expect him to live, because that would cause a shock to his heart. It's the boy or the leader! What do you do?
  20. You have a free weekend, and feel like making a change. What do you do to positively impact your community?
  21. Which Direction Do You Like Best?

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