the NASCAR Test

here are many people who know a LOT about the current era of NASCAR. my quiz is about the nicknames People like me who know much about NASCAR then see things from a whole different point of view then from the others

So are YOU a true NASCAR fan? Do you know the great nicknames of this great sport? Who won when, tracks, people, and stuff like that. You are about to find out in maybe, oh say, 10 minutes?

Created by: banjo

  1. daytona speedway nickname
  2. talladega superspeedway
  3. Rocketman, Cool Hand Luke, No-Neck
  4. The Rainbow Warrior, Wonder Boy, Super G, Big Daddy
  5. Smoke, Tony the Tiger, The Rushville Rocket
  6. Cousin Carl, Concrete Carl
  7. Happy, Mr. Where did he come from?, The Closer
  8. Front Row Joe
  9. The Three Crasheteers, The Bash'em Brothers
  10. Jaws
  11. Iceman, Texas Terry
  12. The "Alabama Gang"
  13. Special K, The Underbird

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