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Hi this is the Minecraft quiz hope you like it so so so have a good good day and check out my channel you don't have to sub to it I'm just saying ok so enjoy

Hi this is the Minecraft Quiz Ur A Minecraft And Ur Stuck In A Maze Where Therez Questions And You have to answer them so Minecraft thinks ur a actual user

Created by: CREEPER 487
  1. When Did The Aquatic Update Come Out
  2. When Did Minecraft Come Out
  3. What Is The Minecraft Team Named
  4. What Is Minecraft's Biggest Enemy
  5. What Is The Mob That Minecraft Liked
  6. What Is Minecraft's First Edition
  7. What Does Minecraft Users Play
  8. What Mob Explodes
  9. What Mob Was A Glitch To Code The CREEPER
  10. Is This The Final Qweston
  11. What Mob Lives In A Forest

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