How well do you know Minecraft?

Thanks for taking my quiz. Continue playing minecraft. If you don't play try it out. Also if you don't play then why are you taking my quiz. Hope you enjoy it

Also If you have trouble figuring out the answers don't worry I won't make fun of you.(I will just silently judge) Anyway Have fun with my Quiz. And play Minecraft!!!

Created by: Minecraftlover774

  1. You run into a spider jokey in your survival world. What would be the logical choice to do?
  2. How can you look into an Enderman's eyes without it attacking you?
  3. How can you use dolphins to find shipwrecks?
  4. Which Biome can you find a blue orchid in Minecraft
  5. Which animal drops bacon when you kill it?
  6. How do you Make the Eyltra go up and down and not just glide?
  7. What block can you not break?
  8. What block doesn't burn?
  9. What is the best material to make a house out of in the nether?
  10. Which ore is the rarest of them all

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Minecraft?