The Mer Prophecy (Part 7)

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nonliving things started fading away now and now slowly her, even her voice. "Love is stronger than anything," it echoed a couple of times, and then I woke up. I woke up into the memories of hers; the happy ones, and then the pain.

Created by: PuffBall

  1. It's been a long tiring day so far and I was about to open the mansion's door when I smelt blood, and just a tint of the forget-please spell left. I looked behind me and the others were just playing around. I raised my eye brow and opened the door. I gasped and pain went through me. I covered my face with my hands and turned around; not wanting to see what was in front of me. I closed my eyes shut and sat on the steps; breathing very slowly, in and out. I felt someone going past me and another. When I calmed down I peaked from my hands and found Daniel, he was lying on the floor to back, with a knife through his stomach; barely breathing. Blood was everywhere I looked around him and it stunk. I could feel the weird feeling in me slither through me. I steadily, but slowly walked towards the body. Dawn, Areo and Adam started healing. Edmund, Blake, and Brooke just started investigating, and I; I just stood there trying to figure out what might had happened.
  2. "It was one of them..." Daniel had started. He just got better in a few hours all ready. He is still deeply wounded and he could barely move nor breath, but he still didn't want to waste anymore time. Time.... UGH! "I just gotten back, and thankfully," Daniel turned to Dawn, "Your sister is the only Mer/vampire, but sadly there is a Mer/werewolf," My heart stopped as Daniel turned to Blake, "Sorry man," Oh no. I think I'm sure Blake stopped living. Yeesh. "Well," Daniel began again. "I came here and I guess, well, Ever," Ever; the Mer/Vampire, the betrayer. "Ever must have seen me during my mission and followed me, oh, thankfully I was close to the button for the spell you put around the house. I put some on her so she wouldn't remember where she was or were in the last couple of hours, but during my escape she must have.." he trailed off; looking down to his stomach. I cringed and looked away. This is not good at all. Not. Good. I heard Areo slam his fist on the bed's frame and Adam groans. Edmund just scrunched his noise and looked at empty space. I heard nothing out of Blake and Dawn, and I should have comforted them, but my mind was somewhere else. Silent drifted into place in the room. Tomorrow after school, we MUST get all the others all together. I sighed. This is going to be- wait a second. I perked my ears and didn't breath for a while; trying to hear something out of the ordinary. One heart beat minus. Wait- what! I looked at Daniel; his face was drained of all life. What? I rushed towards him and started trying to wake him up. He can't be dead; THIS IS NOT NORMAL! It doesn't happen like this, does it? No, I don't think so, there must be wrong with the... I grabbed the dagger that we just taken out of Daniel's bloody stomach. I widened my eyes as I observed it more closely. How could I be so, so STUID?! "This cannot be happening!" I yelled in fury. "What is it?" I held the dagger up to Areo's face. "Recognize this?" His eyes widened and gulped, then said; "From the Book, yes." Then Dawn gave me a questioning face, "What is it?" I shook my head, "Dawn, this dagger belonged to Aria." Her faced widened and ran towards where Daniel laid yelping on the thought, "You mean as in, Aria, the start of this all?" I nodded, "Who else would there be?"
  3. "Ok, who the heck is Aria?" my brother asked sitting down on the living room floor; trying to process on what was happening. The only thing we all could do is sighing; I mean; it is a LONG story. I stretched and opened my mouth to begin when Blake started for me. "Long ago, like way before when there was Elemental Mers, there was only regular Mers ruling the land, plain old that, king and queen. Then Aria's parents were born. Her mother had all fire, earth, and darkness powers, her father has the rest. Time passed and her parents met, discovered their secrets, blah blah blah and became king and queen in a wonderful peaceful, you know what I mean," I have finally gotten a pillow and moved to a comfortable spot, closing my eyes. Brooke joined in, "Aria then was born, and she had all the powers, she was the most powerful Mer on the whole earth. She was the kindest also, fit for a princess by the way. Then..." Oh Drama! "Then there was boys," I shook my head, this is all too good. "There were two that she deeply loved and they also loved her back. Time passed, and drama, and then she was just, gone. She ran away, and we all don't really know what exactly happened to her, but, along the way she turned evil. She became more and more powerful each day and second. She wanted darkness and consume it, and she was almost had everyone and everything to herself; till she killed one of the boys'. She was in shock for a while, and long enough for the other to kill her with a special sword. She was in possession of the crystal and obviously they hid it. But her power escaped making the first Elemental Mers. Aria also held three possessions/things that made her stronger- weapons. There was the dagger or you may say knife, when stab by anyone except the owner of it of course, but one stab would just create death. One stab and you're as good as dead. Another one was the necklace of fearlessness; no fear crossing her mind. The last one was this golden hair band that gives her strength," I would die for those; good for dressing up- :3, but only Aria's soul could have it. "Any who; there was this prophecy back then, it said that her soul escaped also. She must have been incardinated or moved to a soul into the future. It's just a myth anyways. The point of this is; Aria's lovers sacrificed their lives into keeping those things safe." Edmund must have tooken a moment to sunk this in, then said; "Then how?" I rolled my eyes, "Exactly." I turned towards the clock; I almost doubled over. Goodness! "It's 12: 34 o'clock am!" Everyone almost did the same.
  4. Thank god there wasn't any homework or I'd be toast. I put my head down on my desk and tried to relax, but how? "Now class, welcome another new student, umm, what's your name boy?" I lifted my head. "Max," he smiled at everyone, and paused at me, both of us staring at each other's eyes. Oh no, I didn't guess we'd, I mean mostly me to come across with one of them. I know the feeling from the book, we met at past life. Hopefully he isn't one of those immortals that 2 ancestries ago helped to make the ... Oh I hope not, there was only 2 left, I'm sure this is not possible. Act cool Blaise, just calm down. Ugh, my temper. I smiled at him and quickly looked away. "Go sit next to Blaise, go on then," oh brother! I forgotten I had an empty seat next to me. Thank goodness lunch is right next. The teacher went on with the lesson. Blah! I tuned out and started thinking about – he tapped my shoulder, touched me. In a brief second the memories filled my mind. Here is the thing about us Mers, were sensitive to past lives and all that mumbo jumbo, instead of humans. I hope he doesn't notice how LOUD my heart is thumping. His one of them! I knew I couldn't run out the feeling. I turned my head to see him staring back, "Hi!" Ok I'm thankful that immortals are a little immune to the memories or something, or I'll die right then and there if he just remembered. I need my peeps. "Hey, I'm just wondering but, have we met before?" I'm about to explode. I shook my head, "No, I don't think so," ok this calls for talking to everybody! He shrugged and moved back to the lesson. "BLAKE!" I practically yelled in his mind. I giggled when I heard some words that I can't say again. "Oh gosh, BLAISE! What the heck was that for?" I looked at my desk and shrugged in my mind. "I don't know. Maybe because I'm freaking out right now! There is an IMMORTAL right next to me!" I pointed out the immortal part correctly. Oh for Goodness Sake! I could maybe see him widen his beautiful, intense eyes... "WHAT!@&#@&*&*@#!^!" uhhhhhh, maybe I should have talked about this at lunch instead.
  5. "A what?!" Dawn shushed Areo down. I looked around the lunch room and spotted Max and tilted my head towards him, "There he is," they turned their heads and suddenly, I could see them stagger uncomfortably, but Areo just looked at me as if he saw a ghost; a ghost from the past. "I remember him, from both the book; he was best friends with the past Elemental Mers. He became an immortal for protection. I didn't read why and how, but we still could check it out." Areo said, I haven't read that book since the fight, I guess I should really start reading it. I looked back at Max and there I was, both of us staring again. That's it; we need him with us as fast as he could. I was in front of him; I cleared my throat. "Well, hi, um. I was just wondering if you would like to, well, you know, come to a picnic. Me and my friends always do this every year and always invite a person so I was just asking, would you be that person?" he smirked. "Of course," and I gave him the directions.
  6. "You did what?!" Dawn shushed Areo again. I plumped my head down and shook my head, "We need him and the only way to do it is to see if he remembers!" I sighed and made myself a more comfortable spot on our couch and looked deeply of the words in the book. Max is an immortal but he got hit on the head trying to save Vain, one of the Elemental Mers. Even though he was immortal, he somehow died and got reborn because of this magical sword, but I don't know! Thankfully that sword is long gone by now, the only thing we need to do is retrace his memory one step at a time, first by telling him who he really was. "But isn't the best way is to leave him be?" Brooke asked. I shook my head and looked at her wearly, "No, well maybe so, but we need his mind so we could have more possible chances to win the war! It's either let him be and not help which by the way, I know he hates, or him helping us and saving the world!" Adam rolled his eyes and asked through the kitchen door, "Guys! She's got a point. The only problem is; where is the chocolate! I CAN'T FIND IT!!!!!!!" I don't even know how he has abs. I blushed, NOW I remember that little incident? Wow, nice Blaise, just nice. I smacked my face, what the heck is wrong with my mind. I looked back at Blake and he smirked, like he read my mind... My eyes widened and looked away, sheesh! Edmund's head poked through the kitchen door also, "Hey sis, do you happen to know where Adam keeps the things he stole? Adam took my pants and now I'm in my underwear." Adam gave me his best innocent eyes. I shook my head, no. "I'm doomed! What about the rest of you?" Everyone else shook their, Adam never tells. I chuckle and went upstairs to retrieve some clothes for him. The door bell rang and I quickly came back downstairs. Max was there waving at me, I waved back. He looked at my hands. Oh! "Edmund!" Edmund poked his head back out the door, "Did you find a nice one for me?" I nodded my head and threw it back to him. "Thanks sis!" and he closed the door. Max gave me a weird look and the rest of us laughed.
  7. Max was still standing there and rubbed his back, "So, are we going or...?" I shook my head, "No we're not going to a picnic, silly!" Areo waved his hands and the door closed. Max just stood there, looking at me with I-don't-like-where-this-is-going eyes. I shrugged and sat down on the couch and patted the seat next to me. "Ummm...What is going on?" He asked, sitting next to me. Ok now I don't know what to say, and thankfully, Dawn took over; "Max, listen to me very carefully. You're an immortal. You were also best friends with the previous Elemental Mers. We are the new ones. I know this might sound crazy but, you just don't remember," His eyes were blank. "We all have powers, but we all have our own life of element also. Mine is Light, Blake is darkness, Blaise is fire, Brooke is water, Areo is wind, and Edmund is just a regular Mer," I looked at Max, and I was expecting something different, but, he just busted out laughing! Laughing! Can you believe it? Ok, I really don't like showing off, but... I held my hand out and focused my energy. Max stopped laughing and looked at my hands, which was now holding fire, a big ball of one. "Soooo," he started, "This is not a prank?" I shook my head, I was dead serious. He looked astonished and nodded his head in understanding. "Good," I grinned, "So let's get down to business,"
  8. Edmund still ended up with the gun in hand, pointing it at Max. For the next hours Areo now is going to teach him some stuff. I felt another presence next to me and I turned my head. It is other than...BLAKE! I smiled calmly and put my head against his chest. I listened intensely on Blake's heart beat. He wrapped his soft arms around me and suddenly I felt the feel of protection and happiness, which I always have when I'm around him. I soon thought about the Aria's dagger and reached for it. For a couple of minutes I observed it's carefully majestic designs. It was so neat and well carved; I don't think there is more to make it more pretty. I turned it around to its back and starred at it confusingly. It was little diamond crystals in a form of an oval shape, with different colors. It was like something was meant to be on it... something, or part of something... Oh, now I remember now! It was where the dagger knows it has its owner, where it gets activated. You know, everyone gets to use this on only one person. The true owner, there is, Aria, gets its true power and gets to use it infinity times infinity times. I was going to set it back down when a strong sensation didn't let me. My thumb slowly was moving towards where the activation was. Why am I doing this, I know it wouldn't work. My thumb was soon placed on it, and in a few seconds after, it started glowing. I looked up at Blake, but he was too busy watching Areo and Max. My eyebrow shot up. What just happened! I grabbed the book and started flipping through it... there it is! "˜When the activation glows it's been, obviously, activated,' I starred at the words and blinked. I shook my head multiple times, not believing this. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO!" I started saying. "Oh gosh," Blake looked at me quizzically *Hahahha, Go to quiz, quizzically, get it? Never mind* . "What is it?" he asked. I stared at his eyes and he looked worried, "Really, Blaise, what is it? You look terrified!" I blinked one more time, "I'm, I..." I took a deep breath. "I have Aria's soul," He looked around worriedly. "Umm, what do you mean?" He looked back at me, "Aria's soul is long gone, and the myth/prophecy is just a big baloney." I shook my head. "The activation glowed, Blake! It only glows to Aria/the true owner. I just saw it before my eyes," He blinked a couple of times, also, before calling everyone.
  9. When I broke the news for everybody Max's eyes suddenly turned the whitest white I could ever see. It's like his not here with us anymore, like his in... oh his remembering again! "Blake!" I cried. He already knew what it meant because one night after the fight, I caught reading the book on the chapter of memories, which was one of the firsts. He looked where I was pointing and blurted out to everyone the new awesome news! Ugh, too bad it would take at least four hours, or maybe five, and it's already four. I shook my head; this meeting will take place tomorrow. Areo started carrying Max upstairs, which makes us have 20 twenty more empty rooms to go, plus one small guest one. I yawned and I now noticed my eyes were already giving up. "Goodnight," I said. Blake is the only one who says good night to me with my old nickname; Ocean Princess. Did I mention I loved the ocean when I was little?
  10. (Dream) I looked around and found myself in a peaceful place; a valley of nature. I breathed in and out and could feel all the life around. I was just sitting under a tree, till I felt another presence, "It's about time you found out!" I opened my closed eyes to see a beautiful woman. She had brilliant green eyes with tints of almost all colors... "Aria?" I asked the second I recognized her. She nodded, smiled friendly, and sat next to me. Her pretty hair swayed behind her almost perfectly. "Blaise, I know you may have some questions, but before you ask them, may I say something?" I nodded. "After this dream you will have all my memories, all my 'wisness, all my life, and all my soul. You won't have my mind; I promise you that I won't have your body, but just the knowledge," "Ok," I began, "I was just wondering, why me?" She shook her head, "Now that's the universe's choice, not mine," "Oh, well, um, that's really all," She raises her eyebrow, "You sure? "˜Cause I could show you some awesome moves on dances if you like!" I like this girl, "Sure," We both stood up and the scenery changed into a club room. I wonder how she knows about this stuff if she was born long, (way long), before this. Oh wait, yea, never mind, how dumb am I? And we danced all night... literately.
  11. We both had a BLAST and soon, sadly, it had to end... The people around us started fading away. Aria looked around and pouted, "Awwww, well it's time for me to go. Oh and one last thing Blaise! Be brave. And always know this; keep your eyes open and don't ever forget that," she pauses and looks around, nonliving things started fading away now and now slowly her, even her voice. "Love is stronger than anything," it echoed a couple of times, and then I woke up. I woke up into the memories of hers; the happy ones, and then the pain.

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