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I thought it was time this website got a Luna test- for Luna fans like me to test their knowledge! In case you don't know Luna Lovegood is Harry Potter's kookiest character!

How much do you know about Luna? Proceed for the ultimate Luna test! How well can you do? Warning: This quiz contains some minor spoilers. Well good luck on the test!

Created by: Luna Lovegood fan
  1. How old was Luna when her mother died?
  2. How did Luna's mother die?
  3. Which village does Luna live near to?
  4. Where was Luna imprisoned in the deathly hallows?
  5. What profession did Luna take up?
  6. Who did Luna marry?
  7. What were the names of her two children?
  8. What creature can both Luna and Harry see?
  9. What magazine does Luna read?
  10. Which Death eater restrained Luna in the battle of the department of mysteries?
  11. Where did Luna go on holiday?
  12. Which ones are Luna accessories?
  13. What did Luna wear to Slughorn's Christmas party?
  14. What did Luna wear in her hair to Bill and Fleur's wedding?
  15. What did Luna use to buy Harry some time after the battle of Hogwarts?
  16. What is Luna fond of saying?
  17. What is Luna's patronus?
  18. What is the name of Luna's father?
  19. What part of Harry did Luna mend?
  20. What does Luna's name mean?
  21. What does Luna think of Hagrid?
  22. Who plays her in the films?
  23. The chapter where we first meet Luna is titled...
  24. What house is Luna in?

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