What is your Hogwarts House???

Hi! Welcome to my quiz! I have read all the Harry Potter Books and watched all the movies, so mine is sure to be mostly accurate! I hope you like my Quiz!

Oh, and, Im a Hufflepuff. My favorite character is luna Lovegood, and I wish Harry Marries Hermone. Also, there are some character death spoilers, so if you don't wanna know who dies, DO NOT TAKE QUIZ!

Created by: HappyHufflepuff
  1. Your Brother stole your diary! What do you do?
  2. you are at Honeydukes. YUM! what do you purchase?
  3. You are in the great hall, and someone is spreading gossip about your best friend! what do you do?
  4. What classes are you taking in your third year?
  5. its the Yule Ball! who do you want to ask you to the dance?
  6. your Best friends EX was caught snogging your Best Friends Sibling! How do you deal with this?
  7. Who is your Best friend at Hogwarts?
  8. Who is Your favorite Professor?
  9. If you were JK Rowling, who would you save?
  10. If you were JK rowling, who would Harry Potter Marry?

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Quiz topic: What is my Hogwarts House???