The Love Story That is Yours Part 3

hey guuys did you listen to relint k cuz if you didnt go do it you must it is so good plz comment and i love feedback. esspacilly good feedback :P!!!!!!!! watch kellie picklers best days of your life i luv that song so much

oh by the way if u have hate comments plz keep it clean and i am srry for spelling mistakes cuz i cant spell and um i hope u like cuz this keept me from my social studies homework so if i get an f its ur fault jkjk

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  1. Ok where were we? Oh yeah. Alright so there is knock on the door. Danid gets up to awnser it but before he does the men break in the door. Don't worry you are not getting powers, sorry if you wanted them. Then the police come running in.
  2. "______ Jhonson, daughter of Lisa and Gary Jhonson?" The tall man says. "Um.... yes?" you reply. "Follow us! All of you! We will explain in the car." You don't but the boys do seeming they know what's going on. "Come on _____!" Calls Eric, you still don't move. So an officer comes and puts you over his shoulder and carries you into the car. He puts you between Jake and Ben. Ben give you hug while Jake stares at you with a look of pure dislike.
  3. "Well you see when you called your mom and the phone went dead that was because a dangerous killer came in and murder your mother's coulge and now has your mother and father captive we are moving you so they don't find you along with your brothers. We were only going to take you but your friends were with you and now you put their lives in danger. You and your brothers will be sperated and you will be allowed to stay with these boys though. You never did know what your parents did did you? Good we wouldn't tell you then you will all be safer. But I think you should know that your parents weren't travel agenets they worked for the goverment. We are going to a safe house for the night then in the morning your brothers and you will be seperated and most likely will not be able to cantact each other for many months." Said the larger of the officers. At this point you were silently weeping into Ben's shirt and all the boys had a sypithetic look on their faces even Jake. "It's ok" Ben said, he rubbed your back.
  4. The next thing you knew you were in a big house with your brothers and the boys."__________" cried Joesph,"I'm scared!" "It's ok" you say you had stoped cring because you didn't want to scare your brothers. "Come on Joesph, me, you, and David will have one last movie night. What do you want to watch?" "Spiderman!" said Joepsh happily. You and your brothers watched Spiderman and by the time it was over your brother Joesph was asleep. David picked him upo and the two of you walked to Joesph's room on the way you two talked. "_________ what are we gonna do he's so little and no mom or dad?" David said, you looked at your brothers. "I don't know, hes not even gonna have us." The rest of the walk you two were silent.
  5. You give your little brother a kiss and tuck him like your mom used to do. Then gave your older brother a hug and said good night. You head to your room and run into.... Jake. "Are you ok?" he asked softly. "Honestly?" "Yes," he replied. You shook your head, then hugged him and didn't let go then he wrpped his arms around you. "Sorry, for being a jerk and sorry about your family." You looked up and he let go and walked away he still was watching the syop were he was standing.
  6. You turn and walk to room and see six outfits for bed you pick and start to get dressed. Just then you hear a knock and you think that's David so you say, "Come in." What do you choose?
  7. You are fully dressed when the door opens. "______?" Daniel calls. "Yes?" I am suposed to find out what you want for breakfest?" What do you say?
  8. "Ok then see you in the morning. Your ok right? Cuz I am no good at comforting." He says real happy. You laugh, "That was a pretty good try, and yes I am thank you. Good night!" You say with a smile. Daniel leaves then someone comes in.
  9. Ok sorry for the clifhanger but I though that it would be good. srry there wasnt much danind there will be more of him soon i think BYE, plz comment
  10. Who do you love?

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Quiz topic: The Love Story That is mys Part 3