the love dilemma quiz

Who causes all the arguments in your household? Some people just arnt equipt to deal with some of the things their less than perfect partners throw at them. how well do you deal with things. Are you a doormat or a turbo fan????

How do you smooth over the dilemmas in your love life. How diplomatic are you when it comes to your partners cock ups. are you a raging bull or a pussy cat who avoids all arguments?? Take this quiz to check out where you stand

Created by: kaz
  1. your other half just dumped you, do you:
  2. you find out your current BF/GF has cheated on you, do you:
  3. your BF/GF has bought you an electric food mixer for your birthday, do you
  4. if you could change one thing about your partner what would it be
  5. its christmas and your partner wants you to go to there parents, do you
  6. you are having a lovely relaxing bath and your partner wants to jump in with you, do you
  7. you are at a party and your partner is making a total prat of him/her self, do you
  8. you find some of your partners friends very irritating, do you
  9. your partner works in a chip shop and always smells of grease, do you
  10. your partner comes home from a night out and he/she is sick all over the bathroom, do you

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