The Like vs. Love Quiz

Wouk you love someone through terrible heartbreak? Do you love someone unconditionally...even if they don't feel the same way? If this were real, would you pick love the whole way through?

Or is this person not worth it? Do they not mean that much to you that you would suffer all of this pain? Would you still care for them if they scarred you deeply? Find out.

Created by: Damask
  1. "You can't ever be with him" you were thinking of someone during that.
  2. "They're out of your league"
  3. "You don't have a chance with them"
  4. "They don't even like you"
  5. "They'll never like you"
  6. "They're dating someone else"
  7. "They're in love with that other person"
  8. "They'll never care about you"
  9. Did that break your heart? Then you must really love that person.
  10. If you would pick love through all of that, then you must really be in love.

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